GIMP 2.10.12 released, improved curve tools, support for TIFF layers

Another version of GIMP Original “2.10 Series” Published Yesterday (2.10.12). In this version, the image editor fixes many errors found after the previous version, and also made some outstanding improvements, such as support for TIFF exported layers, Curves tool enhancements, Support and more.

The latest GIMP 2.10.12 comes with improved curve editing / Curves tools. Now when dragging an existing curve point, it no longer jumps to the cursor position when the button is pressed, but moves relative to its current position as the cursor moves. Also, add or drag points while holding CtrlThe Y coordinate will snap to the original curve.
The Curve tool now includes 2 new rotation buttons (input and output) to precisely set the coordinates of the selected point numerically. Also, control points can now be smooth points or corner points.
Other changes in GIMP 2.10.12 include:

  • TIFF can now export images with layers
  • New offset tool moves pixels and selectively wraps them around edges, allowing you to create repeatable patterns
  • User-installed fonts are supported on Windows 10 (Since recent updates, Windows 10 users can install fonts without administrator rights). However, this feature has not been fully tested
  • If the drawing color / pixelmap has not changed, the drawing buffer on each DAB is not replaced, which speeds up drawing
  • Incremental mode for the Dodge / Darken tool
  • Free Select tool can now create preliminary selections
  • Fixed some crashes, unnecessary changes to foreground and background colors in tool presets, And others Bug fixes and improvements

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Download GIMP

Windows and macOS downloads have not been updated to the latest version of GIMP 2.10.12. On Linux, GIMP is already Flathub.
To install the GIMP package from Flathub on Linux, see Flatpak quick settings page And follow the instructions there, then visit GIMP Flathub page Then click the install button. If you are a Gnome user, you can also search on Gnome Software / Ubuntu Software and install from there.
GIMP can also be downloaded from Snapshot storage On Linux, but not yet updated to the latest version. Updates may arrive soon.
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