gmusicbrowser music player first released after more than 5 years

After nearly five and a half years without a new version, Music browser Finally updated. The latest gmusicbrowser 1.1.16 brings support for Opus files, adds as a music source to the Lyrics plugin, and it fixes replay gain, equalizer and seamless in mpv 0.28.0 and higher Play and many other small changes.

gmusicbrowser is an audio player for large music collections, which can play mp3, ogg, flac (and opus/mpc/ape/m4a with gstreamer, mplayer or mpv) etc. Because the application has a highly customizable user interface with multiple layouts, and has unlimited nesting and conditional filtering of music, or its large number of music marking and renaming functions, the application was very popular.

gmusicbrowser bold layout
gmusicbrowser uses its built-in Audacious layout
gmusicbrowser shimmer desktop layout
gmusicbrowser shimmer desktop layout

Other features include:

  • Option to limit playing music to current artist/album or even related songs
  • Customizable weighted random mode
  • Provide multiple audio backend options: GStreamer 1.x, mpg123/ogg123/etc, mplayer and mpv
  • Album and artist information,, lyrics, MPRIS v2, notifications, ripped CD, picture finder, Karaoke, Gnome multimedia keys, and even plugins for desktop widgets.
  • Music equalizer, ReplayGain, etc.

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The changes in gmusicbrowser 1.1.16 include:

  • Add support for .opus files
  • Added option to simplify the tree in the folder pane
  • Add option to ignore articles when sorting
  • Add has_picture and has_lyrics optional fields
  • Add artist_has_picture and album_has_picture virtual fields
  • PictureBrowser: Add embedded picture mode (+all file mode)
  • PictureBrowser: Add “Reset view position when file changes” option
  • Add options to certain fields to display the “Find songs with the same…” menu item
  • FilterPanes: Add option to ignore the “none” row of the histogram
  • Add support for mp2 extension
  • Picture finder plugin: update picture source
  • audioscrobbler plug-in: add a line to display the number of plays waiting and the button to send immediately
  • Lyrics plugin: add source
  • artistinfo plugin: update the analysis of the artist’s biography
  • mpv: Fix the replay gain of version ≥ 0.28.0, equalizer and seamless playback
  • mplayer: fix mplayer2 / mpv style option not applicable to mplayer1
  • The fix does not apply to Perl >= 5.24
  • Fix crash when using search while typing in SongList

The full release notes can be found by visiting This link .

This version of gmusicbrowser continues to use Gtk2, but the job of porting it to Gtk3 is processing , One of the developers said that “most of the port has been completed, including plug-ins”, but “there are still some problems.” When porting to Gtk3, we should be able to see the application in Debian (not available in previous versions of Buster), Ubuntu (not available in Ubuntu 20.04 or 20.10 repositories), and other Linux distributions that are no longer available.

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Download gmusicbrowser

Now, as a binary file, you can only install DEB packages on Debian and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions (including Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, Zorin OS, etc.).

gmusicbrowser was recently added on Flathub, Therefore it is easy to install in various Linux distributions. As of this writing, the Flathub package is using the latest Git instead of the latest 1.1.16 stable version.

Despite its long outage, the application remains in the official repositories of several Linux distributions but has not been updated to the latest version (for example, Debian , Arch Linux, etc.).For Arch Linux, there are third parties AUR package It has the latest gmusicbrowser from Git.

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