GNOME Chromecast extension “cast to TV” v9 adds subtitle configuration, Nautilus integration

Cast to TV, This is the GNOME Shell extension, which has a new major version, which is used to cast videos (transcode if needed), music and pictures to the Chromecast, web browser or media player application via the local network .

For the latest Cast to TV v9, the extension settings have been redesigned and there are some new options. I think the most important change is the addition of Chromecast subtitle settings-you can now change the subtitle font family, style, size, color, outline, or background color.
The new version comes with an easy way to install the required npm modules-a button for installing modules has been added to the modules tab.

Another new option allows to hide the remote tab (the text displayed on the top bar of the Chromecast remote when casting), which is a useful addition because the text is long and doesn’t show any useful information.

TV Chromecast remote cast to unlabeled and uniform volume / position slider

Also, a volume slider has been added in this release, but it may not be visible initially. This is because “Project to TV v9” uses a unified slider where the position and volume sliders are merged together. Click the icon to the left of the slider to switch between the position and volume sliders. It can be disabled on the Remote tab of the extended settings.
New in Cast to TV v9 is the new Nautilus integrated extension that comes with the Cast to TV GNOME Shell extension, which allows to cast videos, music, or pictures to a Chromecast device from the Nautilus right-click menu:Cast to TV Nautilus integration

To be able to use the new Nautilus integration plugin, you need to install the Nautilus Python bindings and enable the Nautilus integration option in the Cast to TV settings (Other tab).
Other changes:

  • Chromecast’s remote response capabilities are enhanced
  • Cast to TV now uses the current casting session when changing files, so casting should be faster
  • Controlling web browser playback from GNOME Shell
  • Supports changing the subtitle size of the web player
  • Allow manual Chromecast IP address configuration Convert to TV configuration

How to install the Cast to TV GNOME extension

Although it can be played on TV, It has not been updated to the latest version. The extension also requires some dependencies to be installed manually. For step-by-step installation instructions, follow the steps in this article (scroll down to “How to Install …”-Updated to include Nautilus integrated extensions.


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