GNOME Shell Arc Menu v38 adds Budgie, Windows 10 and KRunner layouts

The Arc menu is the traditional application menu of GNOME Shell. It has recently updated 3 new layouts in Budgie, Windows 10, and KRunner styles, some new customization options and bug fixes.
GNOME Shell provides users with an alternative way to use traditional application menus by using the official “Applications” menu extension. Arc Menu was created as an alternative to this. It has other features such as search capabilities, quick access to system files, and it can be highly customized.
Arc menu features include:

  • Multiple application menu layouts with customizable menu height, color, font size, etc.
  • Custom hotkey to open menu
  • The default Arc Menu view can be set as a category list or as a fixed application
  • Configurable menu button appearance (custom icons, icon sizes, icon colors, etc.)
  • Shortcuts for user directories (documents, downloads, etc. including user bookmarks) and shortcuts (suspend, logout, lock)
  • Ability to pin apps to menus and add custom app shortcuts
  • Import and export Arc Menu settings and color theme presets

The latest Arc Menu v38 brings 3 new layouts of Budgie menu, Windows 10 menu and KRunner style:

Curved menu Budgie style
Budgie-style Arc menu
Arc Menu Windows 10 style
Windows 10-style Arc menu
Arc Menu Krunner style
KRunner style for curved menu

GNOME Shell related content: Changing the GTK theme to a dark variant when GNOME Night Light is enabled can further customize each of these new layouts. For the KRunner style, you can set the position on the screen (the default is top, but you can also set it to center on the screen), and the Windows 10 style allows users to customize the shape of the fixed app and avatar icons (the default is round ), And Budgie style can choose to set the category activation method to mouse click (default) or mouse hover.Adjustment of arc menu styleMint, Whisker, Brisk, and GNOME menu layouts have also added the option to activate the application category on the mouse box, and fixed application customizations added in the Windows 10 style are also included in the Mint Menu layout. In Arc Menu v38:

  • Super_L and Super_R hotkey redo
  • Add Alt menu button icon
  • Add menu button icon fill settings
  • Add Gap Adjustment setting
  • Add tooltips to fixed application and category menu items and make some tooltip adjustments
  • Fix “Pin to Arc menu” and “Unpin from Arc menu”
  • Fix Dash to Panel multi-monitor support
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

If you want to know what base / panel I use in these screenshots, it’s Dash to Panel, which is a GNOME Shell extension that updated vertical panel orientation support in October. In addition to being highly customizable, Dash to Panel is perfectly integrated with Arc Menu.

Installation arc menu

This extension supports GNOME Shell versions 3.34, 3.32, 3.30, and 3.28.
To install Arc Menu, follow the GNOME Shell browser integration instructions (if not already installed), then go to the Arc Menu page on the GNOME Extensions website. Next, click the OFF switch to the right of the extension to turn it on and install the extension.
You will also need to install some of the dependencies required for the Arc Menu feature-you will find them in the extended page description.