Gnome Shell YouTube search provider lets you play YouTube videos in VLC

YouTube search provider It is a new extension of Gnome Shell, which can be used to search YouTube videos directly from Gnome Shell events and play them using a desktop video player (such as VLC).

If you want to quickly search YouTube videos without opening a web browser, and in the video player without ads (for example, VLC , SMP player , And more. Compared to playing videos directly on YouTube, this should use fewer resources, especially if the video player and drivers you use allow hardware accelerated playback. VLC YouTube video Gnome Shell YoUTube search provider

In addition to letting you choose between video players (VLC, SMPlayer, Totem, Miro, Minitube or UMPlayer) for playing videos, the extended preferences also provide many search settings:

  • Specify the maximum number of YouTube search results
  • Change search order (sorted by view count, date, rating, title, channel video count)
  • Search for videos newer than the given time/date
  • Enable or disable SafeSearch
  • You can filter videos based on whether they have subtitles
  • Search only SD or HD video and 2D or 3D
  • Filter videos based on duration
  • Filter videos based on license
  • Limit search to specific types of videos (movies or episodes)

This extension is currently not supported mpv Direct, but adding support is easy. You need to enter the mpv entry extension.js (For example, similar to VLC), add mpv as an option , Compile the modified architecture ( glib-compile-schemas ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]/schemas ), and then restart Gnome Shell.
While looking at how to add support for mpv to the YouTube search provider, I noticed that the extension looks for the media player executable in the following location /usr/bin/ . This means that it does not apply to VLC (or some other video players) installed from Flatpak or Snap packages. You can modify it again extension.js File and change the video player path (for example, use /snap/bin/vlc For VLC installed as Snap).
However, in view of the slow startup speed of VLC snapshots, I suggest that you use the official repository software package.
If you are installing an extension from the Gnome Shell extension website, you can find these files in the extension folder at the following location ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected] . Related sorting (for VLC and other Qt5 application themes): Use Kvantum on Linux to use custom themes for Qt applications

Install YouTube search provider for Gnome Shell


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