GNU Aspell Spell Checker-How to install Aspell on Ubuntu

GNU Aspell / Aspell is a free open source spell check software for Linux and Windows. Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Not only is this a simple spell checker, you can also get possible substitutions for misspelled words in Aspell. You can add Aspell as a library to your program. It supports UTF-8 and can use multiple dictionaries at once. This article describes how to install and use Aspell on Usbun.

Install Aspell spell checker on Ubuntu

If you don’t have Aspell spell checker on ubuntu, you can install it with the following command. Open the command line app (ctrl + alt + t) on your device and run these commands to install Aspell. If necessary, enter the ubuntu user password.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install aspell

Aspell dictionary code
Please check the dictionary code from the link above. It is organized by the 2-letter or 3-letter ISO code.

For example, if you want to install the English dictionary, install it with the following command.

sudo apt install aspell-en

If you need a Tamil dictionary,

sudo apt install aspell-ta

You can see all installed dictionaries with the following command:

aspell dicts

Check for misspellings with Aspell

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First, run this command in the terminal.

aspell -a

Then enter the misspelled word. Enter Englesh as in this example. The possible suggestions are displayed.

English is used by default. Run this command if you want to change other languages, such as Tamil.

aspell -a -l ta

Just add the -l flag, and then add the Tamil ta ISO code.

Then enter the misspelled word in Tamil. ???????

GNU Aspell Spell Checker-How to install Aspell on Ubuntu

You can also check the spelling of a file using the following command.

cat connect.txt | aspell list
aspell check connect.txt

Completely run this command.

man aspell

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