Google Knowledge Graph and its value to enterprises

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All Google users already know what a search engine’s knowledge graph looks like-it is the basis of the knowledge collected by the search engine, including entities and their relationships. Through it, users can quickly get responses to their queries. This is one of the consequences of Google’s zero-click strategy.

As always, any content introduced by search engines can be used for promotion by businesses in some is it Google Knowledge Panel Affect search and SEO? Let us try to solve this problem. Overall, the knowledge graph is a good function for users and SEO. The first to get more relevant search results, business owners get more traffic to access their content. But not everything is so positive-so is the reverse side of the coin.

How the knowledge graph affects search

The following are four aspects to consider, which are positive for brands and companies, but not so positive:

  • Google better understands the content of search queries

Links are useful for determining the quality of content, but have nothing to do with search queries. If the requested text matches the text in the content, this is not a problem: Google may use various signals (for example, the number and diversity of backlinks) to show the most relevant results in its index.

However, people do not always search in this way. Everyone has their own way of describing the same concept. In this case, a “knowledge graph” can help you, which allows Google to not only identify keyword matches, but also to produce more relevant results due to a better understanding of search queries.

  • Google can do better voice search

Over 1 billion devices have built-in Google Assistant, and approximately 70% of queries are entered in natural language. Therefore, it is especially important for Google to understand the meaning of search queries in voice requests. How does the knowledge graph help?

It can help Google identify entities and attributes in spoken queries. Think about it and compare the way you type and speak in a text query. The difference is significant, isn’t it?

  • Brand awareness and credibility are higher

Google displays “knowledge graph” data in search results in items called “knowledge box” and “knowledge card.” This means that if your brand is included in the “knowledge graph”, you will get all the benefits shown at the top of the search results-increased brand awareness, and even the confidence of users searching for answers to questions. Also, thanks to this diagram, your logo will be displayed on the SERP page even if there is no brand mention in the request.

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  • People are unlikely to go to search results

Rand Fishkin recently conducted a study. According to the results, in all searches, more than 50% of users did not click any link in the SERP because they found the answer to their question in the knowledge graph.

Final words

All in all, the knowledge graph is still an opportunity to increase brand awareness, which has a positive impact on SEO and your marketing activities. Therefore, please consider adding your business to Google’s knowledge graph.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose