Google Will Soon Enable Two-Factor Authentication For All Users By Default

Google is taking an important step in making its users’ accounts more secure. The company will soon start enabling two-factor authentication for all Google account by default.

Data breach, account hacks, and misuse of user’s data is, sadly, a common thing now. On the occasion of World Password Day, Google is taking an important step towards protecting its users’ data. The company will soon require every user to confirm his/her identity by accepting a prompt on their mobile devices.

In case you’re wondering how to import Google Chrome passwords to Safari and iCloud, check out our detailed explainer.

Google says that “appropriately configured” will soon start receiving these 2-step verification prompts (2SV). Google says these “appropriately configured” accounts include those that already have recovery information on their accounts, like a phone number or a secondary email.

To check if you have a recovery email, phone number, or question linked to your Google account, head over to the company’s Security Checkup page.

“We’re sharing how we are already making password management easier and safer, and we’re providing a sneak peek at how our continued innovation is creating a future where one day you won’t need a password at all.”

Google says passwords are the ‘biggest’ threat to online security. It says that many users are interested in keeping long passwords now, with searches for “how strong is my password” going up by 300%. But, keeping the same, long password for all of the accounts makes the password more vulnerable, Google says. This is Google’s effort to make user’s accounts more secure.


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