Google’s New Privacy Changes for Android Falls Short of Apple’s Implementation

Google I/O 2021 starts tomorrow (May 18th) and runs up until May 20th. The company is expected to announce a new version of Android — Android 12 — at the event. According to a new report by The Information, Google is expected to announce many iOS 14-like privacy changes coming to Android tomorrow. However, the changes still fall short of Apple’s privacy implementation.

Every year, Google announces a new version of Android at its annual developer conference — Google I/O. This year, Google’s said to be following Apple in bringing more privacy changes to Android. Apple, with the launch of its iOS 14, announced many privacy features coming to the operating system.

These changes included Clipboard Access toast notifications, privacy labels for apps on the App Store, Safari’s new Privacy Report, indicators for microphone and camera access, and more. But, one of the key features that iOS 14 brought was the app tracking transparency, which wasn’t enabled up until iOS 14.5 update.

Google is said to be cooking similar features for its Android 12. However, the privacy changes Google is planning to integrate are said to be a lot less strict than Apple. According to two Google employees speaking to the report, Google is seemingly answering the call for increased privacy, but it is dragging its feet in doing so.

Google is said to be tightening its tracking measure with Android 12. But, like the previous report suggested that Android 12 app tracking is going to be less stringent, the report also says the same. It says that Google still wants to continue allowing advertisers to target ads and quantify their effectiveness.

The company recently announced Apple App Store-like privacy labels coming to Play Store, too.

Google is said to be testing another version of ad tracking for its popular web browser Chrome, called FLoC. This method, instead of saving cookies on web browsers, recommends ads based on web history and grouping users based on a geographical area. However, Android 12’s tracking implementation is expected to be different than Google Chrome’s one.

The Information


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