GSConnect v13 Alpha includes Do Not Disturb function, experimental Bluetooth and SMS / contact synchronization

GSConnect Yesterday, v13 alpha was released with major changes. The v13alpha version is a change to the architecture, settings and default behavior, which includes some new features such as “Do Not Disturb”, experimental Bluetooth and SMS / Contacts synchronization, etc.
GSConnect is an implementation of Gnome Shell KDE connection, It integrates Android devices with the Gnome desktop. Using it, you can mirror notifications from your phone to your desktop (and vice versa), control your desktop music player from your phone, browse your phone wirelessly from your desktop, and sync clips between your Android device and your desktop Board etc. .

GSConnect v13 alpha requires Gnome Shell version 3.28 or higher, and one of the most interesting changes for users may be the new “Do Not Disturb” button, which allows users to mute mobile device notifications:GSConnect do not disturb

In this Alpha version, all supported plugins will be loaded by default, and the “Settings” window has been redesigned (screenshots also show new system volume settings for incoming / in-progress calls):GSConnect v13 Alpha settings

GSConnect can be used with devices connected to the same local area network, but in this version, experimental Bluetooth support is provided. GSConnect v13 also includes experimental SMS / address book synchronization. Since these features have not been released into the stable version of the KDE Conect Android app, you need to build Android ’s KDE Conect from Git to try these features, even so, since all the work is still in progress, it May not work properly. Other changes worth mentioning in GSConnect v13 alpha include:

  • New systemvolume / PulseAudio plugin
  • Improved notification support (GNotifications and behavior)
  • No longer supports GData (Google), but supports libfolks aggregation
  • Most DBus interfaces have been replaced by GAction / GMenu and ObjectManager
  • More use of async and threads

The final v13 roadmap includes improvements such as better HiDPI support, reconstruction of Telephony for the upcoming SMS plug-in, and fixes for SMS URI processing and Contacts / SMS UI.
You can read more about GSConnect v13 Here. For a more in-depth article on GSConnect (stable), including the steps to pair a desktop computer with an Android device, see: Integrate GSPhone with Gnome Shell without KDE dependencies on your Android phone.

How to install GSConnect v13 alpha from Git (for testing)

GSConnect v13 alpha should only be used for testing purposes! You will most likely find an error or it will not work at all. For most users, it is recommended to wait for the final GSConnect v13 version. You need to run Gnome Shell 3.28 or higher to use GSConnect v13 alpha (eg Ubuntu 18.04 or 18.10)! Before trying out the new version, you should completely delete the previous version of GSConnect (including cache and settings). Also, I recommend using the latest Git instead of v13 alpha version, because there are some bug fixes in Git. For example, the v13 alpha version does not work on my desktop because my computer does not have Bluetooth-this has been fixed in Git.
If you want to help test GSConnect v13 alpha, please delete the previous version (if installed), its cache and settings:

rm -r ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]
rm -r ~/.cache/gsconnect
rm -r ~/.config/gsconnect

Next, install the dependencies required to build GSConnect. You will need Git (Get Git Repository), glib-2.0, dbus-1, xmllint with meson. In Debian or Ubuntu, you can install them using the following command:

sudo apt install git libglib2.0-dev libdbus-1-dev libxml2-utils meson

Now you can get the latest GSConnect from Gite, Build and install it:

git clone
meson gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect/ build
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
cd build
ninja install-zip

You can delete build The directory after the extension is successfully installed. You may want to keep gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect Directory in case you want to update it (you can run git pull In the catalog for the latest changes), or you can delete them if you plan to update from scratch.
Now restart Gnome Shell (Xorg users can use to restart the session Alt + F2, Enter r,then press Enter Key, and Wayland users need to log out and log in again), start Gnome Tweaks and enable the GSConnect extension.
You also need the KDE Conect Android application, which is available at Google Play Or F-robot. Pair KDE Connect in your phone with GSConnect.