GTK + developers are testing the updated Adwaita theme

In addition to the GTK + 3.24.3 release, GTK + developers also have Published The newer, more dynamic Adwaita theme is “Trial” and may be included in future GTK 3 versions.
The proposed changes to Adwaita (the default theme for Gnome) include:

  • The colors are more vivid and the palette is richer.
  • The title bar and buttons are lighter and more elegant. The button uses a shadow instead of a solid border, its corners are rounder, and the background is flatter, and the title bar has been updated to supplement these changes to give the button sufficient contrast. There is also more contrast between the focused state and the unfocused state of the title bar.
  • The switch became more sleek, losing the “ON” and “OFF” labels to “make the theme consistent with other platforms and make the switch look more compact and modern.”

You can see the updated title bar, colors, and switches below:

Old title bar at the top / new title bar at the bottom

GTK + developers are testing the updated Adwaita theme
Left: Old / Right: New
GTK + developers are testing the updated Adwaita theme
Rounder, unlabeled switch

The previous screenshot (switch) comes from the following video: blog.gtk.orgThis is why its quality is lower than other quality. The updated Adwaita theme will be tested in the next three weeks, and developers hope that if everything goes well, it can be merged into the GTK 3.24.4 version. They want to get feedback and have to conduct their own tests.

Thank you very much for your feedback, especially if you are a GTK application developer. You can do it on irc (in GimpNet’s # gtk + channel) or through the gtk-devel-list mailing list or through gitlab.

The theme is usable As a separate compressed package in the GTK 3.24.3 release. To give it a tray, please extract NewAdwaita-1.tar.xz Archive on your ~/.themes folder.
You can download the theme and create ~/.themes Folder (if it does not exist), and use the following command to extract the theme into it:

mkdir -p ~/.themes
tar xf NewAdwaita-1.tar.xz -C ~/.themes

Next, use the Tweaks app to change the GTK theme to NewAdwaita (Appearance-> Change “Application” theme).
GTK 3.23.1, which I use on both Ubuntu 18.10 and Fedora 29, makes the theme look great. Please note that the switch still shows me “ON” and “OFF” tags.
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