GtkHash checksum and message digest tool – install GtkHash on Ubuntu

GtkHash is a free and open source message digest or checksum application for Linux and Windows. You can use this tool to calculate the message digest or checksum in your system. Released under the open source GNU General Public License version 2 license. Supports MD5, SHA1, SHA2 (SHA256 / SHA512), SHA3, BLAKE2 hash functions. This is the best GUI alternative to the md5sum command line application. You can check the checksum file from sfv and sha256sum. Other important features include keyed hashing (HMAC), parallel hash computation, and file manager integration. The hast function has been added to the Caja, Nautilus, Nemo, Peony and Thunar file managers. It also supports remote file access using GIO/GVfs.

Install GtkHash on Ubuntu.

GtkHash is available as a Ubuntu snap package. Open the terminal (ctrl + alt + t) application and run this GtkHash snap command.

sudo snap install gtkhash

Enter the Ubuntu password. Install the latest version of GtkHash. Then run this command to open Gtkhash on your system.


You can also open it from the application list. This is a simple app. Just load the file and click the hash button from below.

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