Guake 3.7.0 drop-down terminal is released, the terminal color can be changed according to each tab, more

Guake drop-down terminal version 3.7.0 has been released, which can set the background and foreground colors of the terminal according to the tab. This option only displays the last directory of the current path as the terminal name, and there are more functions.Guak It is a drop-down terminal for GNOME-based desktops, with many cool features, such as split terminal function, session save and restore, transparency, more than 150 built-in color schemes, etc.

It is inspired by the famous Quake console, which can be displayed and hidden with a single key. Use the assigned key to display Guake (F12 By default), execute the desired command or quickly view the output of some long-running commands, and then press the key again (or set Guake to automatically hide when the focus disappears) to hide the terminal so that you can return to you The interference made before is minimal.
The changes in Guake 3.7.0 include:

  • Custom color for each terminal label. Run guake --bgcolor=color (Where color Is a hexadecimal color, such as #rrggbb) to change the background color of the terminal, or guake --fgcolor=color Set the foreground color of the terminal. The colors can be reset by right-clicking on the terminal tab and selecting Reset custom colors (There is currently no context menu to change the color). If Guake’s “Restore Last Session” option is enabled, the custom color will remain the same in the session (so, the next time you run Guake, it will retain the custom color for some specific tabs).
  • Added a new option to show only the last directory of the current path as the terminal tab name
  • A new label selection pop-up box has been added to the right of the new label button, which allows the user to select the label the user wants to jump to
  • Added the option to hide the tab bar when Guake is shown in full screen
  • Add to --select-terminal=TERMINAL_INDEX (Select a specific terminal in the split tab, this is only useful for split terminals; TERMINAL_INDEX Is the index of the label) and --selected-terminal (Return to selected terminal index) option
  • Cancel full screen display through D-Bus interface and CLI
  • Many bug fixes

Download Guake

The Guake installation instructions linked above mention how to install it from the repository of the Linux distribution, how to install Guake from PyPi (the latest version), and install Guake from source.
For Ubuntu 19.10 or 18.04 and Linux distributions based on these Ubuntu versions (Linux Mint 19.*, Pop!_OS 19.10 or 18.04, basic OS 5/5.1, etc.), the PPA I maintain has the latest Guake version. The new version may be added to the Ubuntu 20.04/Debian Bullseye and Sid repositories soon.