Guitarix Virtual Guitar Amp Software

Guitarix is ​​a free open source virtual guitar amplifier for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. I am working on the Jack Audio Connection Kit. The principle of operation is simple: it takes the input signal from the guitar, processes it in the main amp and rack section, and routes it separately. This will deliver the final stereo signal over the jack. Comes with over 25 built-in modules for adding effects. You can extend the functionality by adding LADSPA and LV2 plugins to Guitarix

Install Guitarix on Ubuntu

It is available as an Ubuntu repository and a flatpak package. Open the Ubuntu terminal application (ctrl + alt + T) and execute the following commands one by one. Install Guitarix on Ubuntu. If necessary, enter the Ubuntu user password during the installation.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install guitarix

Install Guitarix via flatpak.

If you don’t have flatpak, install it from the flatpak installation tutorial link below. Reboot the system after installing flatpak.

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How to install flatpak on Ubuntu

Open a terminal and run it under the Guitarix installation command.

flatpak install flathub org.guitarix.Guitarix

Then run it with the following command:

flatpak run org.guitarix.Guitarix

that’s it.

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