Help test SuperTuxKart online multiplayer function

Super kartA free and open source kart racing video game is close to a major version that will include online multiplayer support (WAN and LAN). Need help testing New network implementation. Those who are willing to help will need to compile SuperTuxKart From Git (Switch to the “Network” branch), create an online account in SuperTuxKart, go to the “Online” section and join the server.

Currently, there are more than 20 servers around the world, used for multiple game modes, including normal games, football, battle mode and the new “capture the flag” and “free for everyone” mode.
You can also create your own server and invite some friends to join. If you are interested in hosting your own public SuperTuxKart server, please refer to This page.
Post your test feedback to forum Or in Issue tracker.
After fixing some unresolved issues, a beta version will be provided, which includes binaries for all common platforms. When referring to the beta version, he said: “We don’t actually want this to be too far away … fingers crossed.”
I took some screenshots for the game ’s new online game user interface, but due to the lack of players, I did n’t really join the game:

SuperTuxKart play online
SuperTuxKart online menu
SuperTuxKart creates server
Create server
SuperTuxKart server list
Server list
Super kart hall

Read the full announcement / test call SuperTuxKart blog.
SuperTuxKart is a 3D open source arcade racing game, similar to the Mario Kart series of games, in which you have many characters (open source mascot), game modes and playable tracks.
Among the available game modes, including Story Mode / Challenge, Normal Game, Time Trial, Follow the Leader, Easter Egg Hunt, Three Strike Fight and Football Mode, two new modes have been added in the next version, especially for the network Game: National flag and national battle.
The game can be run on Linux, macOS, Windows and Android.