Here’s a quick way to get your iPhone to take photos

Most modern iPhones have a feature that lets you choose between faster photos or better quality photos. This feature lets you prioritize faster shots, so your iPhone spends less time processing images and you can capture moments more easily. Here’s how you can enable or disable it.

Taking Pictures With Your iPhone: Quantity vs. Quality

By default, most modern iPhones have a feature that prioritizes faster recordings. This feature changes the way iPhone processes pictures so it can take more pictures in less time when you tap the shutter button.

How does the prioritization of faster recordings work? When you press the shutter button quickly, it will recognize your iPhone and automatically adjust the image processing so you can take more pictures.

Obviously, when you use this feature, you have to choose between quality or quantity. The faster you want to take the pictures, the less time your iPhone will have to process the picture, which means it will have less time to make the picture look better. It will still look good, but it won’t be as good as if you were just taking one picture at a time. But at least you have a better chance of taking the correct picture and then editing it.

Which iPhones can prioritize faster recordings?

The option to prioritize faster shots is available if you have an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or a newer model. Also, your iPhone must be running at least iOS 13. You can check your current iOS version by clicking Settings> General> Software update .

How to enable or disable the prioritization of faster recordings

By default, you should have faster recordings enabled on your iPhone, but if you always want better quality pictures, or just want to know where this feature is, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open minded settings .

  2. Scroll down and select camera .

  3. Scroll down again and enable or disable Prioritize faster recordings .

Don’t miss a moment

Now it’s your turn. You can choose to take more pictures or give your iPhone time to process them thoroughly. The good news is that by tapping the shutter button more slowly, you can leave the faster shots priority on anytime and still capture amazing pictures without worrying about it.

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