Here’s how to access Microsoft’s new emoji in Windows 11

Since the public release of Windows 11, we’ve started to see it slowly evolve into the operating system it is today. Microsoft is trying its best to make Windows 11 a next-generation experience and with that new updates are being introduced. And now Windows 11 just got revamped emojis.

Emojis have successfully established themselves as an integral part of our digital life; they allow us to better connect and express ourselves. It’s no secret that our digital conversations, full of life and color, would look boring without them. That’s why we always look forward to new emoji releases that liven up our conversations. Here’s how you can check out the new Windows 11 emojis.

Microsoft introduces new redesigned emojis

In a move that met with more criticism than praise on the Internet, Microsoft presented a whole series of new emojis in a post on the website Windows blog . The software giant signed them up for a Windows 11 update this winter – and they’re not what we expected them to be.

The new update contains the new emojis that Microsoft promised us back in July; However, the company has changed the 3D look it previously featured on its design blog. The company has now taken a 2D approach to Windows 11, while the more visually appealing 3D emojis can be reserved for things like Flipgrid, Microsoft Teams, etc., which give their users exclusive access.

How do the new Windows 11 emojis differ from the older ones?

According to Microsoft, the new Fluent-style emoji feels familiar and personal, and adheres to Windows 11’s design principles. However, the two main differences we observed are the lack of bold and black outlines around the emojis and the resurgence of Clippy from the dead.

Additionally, all of the emojis in the Windows 11 Emoji Picker look relatively brighter, more vibrant, and more saturated than their Windows 10 twin.

How to obtain the KB5007262 update

To take advantage of the newly released and redesigned emojis, you need to manually download the KB5007262 update for Windows 11 Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update and click on Check for updates . Choose Download & install , and you’re ready to go.

Once the update has been downloaded and installed, you can enjoy the latest emojis from Microsoft by clicking. to press Win + period key. This will open a box of emojis on your screen.

If you are a Windows 10 user, unfortunately, this is not for you. Microsoft has confirmed that this update will only be available to Windows 11 users.

A new set of faces for Windows 11

While the new Windows 11 emojis don’t look like originally promised, they still have a nice, clean look. And while Windows 10 users have been left out, they can still enjoy the old emoji picker that comes with the operating system.

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