Here’s how to hear the headlines with your alarm clock on Android

If you’re trying to keep up with the news, you may find it overwhelming to have so many places to look for it. With the Google Clock app on Android, you can have the news read aloud to you with your alarm clock.

the Google watch Has app for Android Google Assistant Integration integrated. That means it can be configured to trigger routines in addition to your alarms. It’s a pretty handy feature that can do some cool things.

How to hear a weather forecast with your alarm clock on Android

To get started, open the Clock app and tap the “+” button to create an alarm.

Select the time you want your alarm to ring (Check AM or PM) and tap OK.

Select a time and tap OK

After choosing a time, there are a few additional options for the alarm. You can choose which days to repeat it, pick an alarm sound, etc. What we’re looking for is the “+” button next to “Google Assistant Routine”.

add a Google Assistant routine

The screen for creating Google Assistant Routines opens with a few preferences. You might want to keep some of these, but we’re looking for “Play the News”. Tap the arrow icon to customize the news sources.

The first thing you need to do is decide how the news will be presented to you. Scroll down and tap “Change News Playlist Format”.

Choose to change the format of the message playlist

There are two options here, and each is set up slightly differently:

  • Your news update: A mix of headlines based on your interests. You’ll be new every time you listen.
  • News Briefings: Headlines from the sources you choose in the order you choose.

Choose one and tap Save.

Select a message format

When you select Your News Update, use the search bar to find specific news sources to add.

Search for news sources

Tap the star icon to follow a new source.

tap the star to follow

When you’re done adding news sources, select the back arrow in the upper left corner.

go back when you're done

If you select News Briefings, the Add Shows button will appear.

Tap the Add Shows button

Tap the star icon to add a show to your briefing.

Tap the star to add a show

After selecting all of the shows you want, select the back arrow.

go back when you're done

Finally, you can grab the handles next to the show’s titles and drag them up or down to adjust the playback order.

Adjust message order

Tap the back arrow to complete the message format and return to the routine setup.

go back to the routine

As mentioned earlier, there are a few other actions listed in the routine. To remove any of these actions or to change the order in which they are performed, tap the pencil icon.

Now you can delete an action by tapping the trash can icon, or you can grab the handles to rearrange it. Choose Done when you’re done.

Edit the routine actions

Tap “Save” to confirm the routine.

save the routine

Finally, a pop-up message will ask if you want to allow the Google Assistant to perform these actions while the screen is locked. Tap on “Allow”.

allow on lock screen

You can now see that “Google Assistant Routine” is activated. If you want to remove the routine from your alarm clock, simply tap the “-” button.

How to disable the routine

You are done! The headlines of the news will now be read after your alarm goes off. No longer do you have to blind yourself to your phone in the morning to see what happened overnight.

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