Here’s how to see your most frequently used apps on iPhone

If you’ve always been curious about which apps you use the most on your iPhone, there is a way to stay organized, but you need to enable Apple’s Screen Time feature first. How to set it up.

First enable Screen Time

Before you can find out which apps you use the most on your iPhone, you need to enable a free feature called Screen Time, which is built into iOS and iPadOS. Screen Time will help you keep track of how you are using your iPhone. It can also help you limit your app usage if you want, although it’s optional.

To turn on Screen Time, open the Settings app, then tap Screen Time.

Then tap Turn On Screen Time and choose This is My iPhone or This is My Child’s iPhone, whichever works best for your situation.

Tap Turn On Screen Time.

After that, you’ll see a summary page for Screen Time with no data – but we’ll fix this problem quickly enough!

Next, use your iPhone – then check the Screen Time again

The catch with using Screen Time is that it needs to be turned on in order to collect data on which apps you use the most. If you’ve just turned it on, you won’t be able to look at a list of the most frequently used apps.

Now that Screen Time has been activated, use your iPhone as normal. After a while, you can use Screen Time to check back in and see some stats. (Just give me a call and let me know when you’re ready and we’ll move on.)

OK, it’s been a year now and I have a very long beard. Plus, Screen Time was on all the time! Open the Settings app and tap Screen Time again.

In iPhone settings, tap Screen Time.

On the Screen Time summary page, you’ll see a graph that shows your average daily activity. Just below this graph, tap on “See all activity”.


Next, choose whether you want to see your most used apps over a day, week, month, or year at the top of the screen. (Leaving Screen Time on longer will reveal more choices.)

Under Screen Time at the top of the screen, select a time period.

Then scroll down to the “Most Used” section and you will see a list of apps sorted by the most used by you over the selected time period, with your most used apps listed at the top.

A example a list of the most commonly used Screen Time apps on iPhone.

From here there are several ways to examine this data. If you tap “Show more” at the bottom of the list, the list will expand. If you tap “Show Categories”, you’ll see your most frequently used apps sorted by general categories, such as: B. “Social”, “Creativity” or “Shopping & Eating”.

Finally take action

While browsing the Most Used list in Screen Time on iPhone, you can get more details about how many times you’ve used a particular app by tapping its icon. If you want to set a time limit on the details view screen to prevent you from using the app too often, scroll down and tap “Add Limit”.


After that you will see a screen where you can set a time limit for the app in hours or minutes. When you’re done, tap Add.

From now on, whenever your time is up, you will see a warning message reminding you that you no longer want to use the Yesterday You app. Psychologically wrestling with your past self That is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but at least you know Screen Time does its job. Much luck!

How to use and configure Screen Time on your iPhone or iPad

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