Here’s how to turn on orientation lock when opening an app on iPhone

The iPhone’s orientation lock lacks context awareness. opening YouTube or Netflix will not disable the lock or enable a message reading app to be opened. Fortunately, there is shortcuts automation to toggle the orientation lock automatically when using certain apps.

As long as your iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or later, you will have access to a shortcuts action called “Set Orientation Lock”. This action allows you to create a link automation that enables or disables the portrait orientation lock.

How to lock your iPhone or iPad’s screen orientation

The automation feature in shortcuts supports many triggers, from time of day to apps opening or closing. In this guide, we will focus on the app trigger to open and close.

Using the Alignment Lock action in a shortcut allows you to create multiple automations as needed. To the example, You can turn off the orientation lock when you open it Netflix or YouTube. You can then create another one to reactivate when you close the Netflix or YouTube App.

In the following guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up an automation that turns off the orientation lock when you open an app (Netflix or YouTube).

To get started, first open the “Shortcuts” app on your iPhone and navigate to the “Automations” tab.

At the top, tap the “+” button.

Tap the plus button on the Automations tab

Select the Create Personal Automation option.

Tap Create Personal Automation

Now tap on the “App” option in the trigger list.

Select the app as the trigger

Here, in the “App” section, tap the “Select” button.

Tap Select from app

Find and add the app you want to create automation for. You can also select multiple apps here. Tap Done to save your selection.

Select apps as the trigger

Make sure the Is Open option is selected. This will ensure that the automation will run when you open the selected apps. Then tap the “Next” button at the top.

Configure the automation and tap Next

It’s time to make the shortcut. Here tap on the “Add Action” button.

Tap Add Action from Automation

Find and add the Set Orientation Lock action.

Choose the action

By default, this action is set to toggle the orientation lock. But we want to turn it off, so tap the toggle button for more options.

Tap toggle

Select the “Turn” option from the pop-up.

Select the turn option

Then tap the “On” button so that it changes to the “Off” settings. The link is now complete. Tap the “Next” button.

Select the Off option and tap Next

By default, shortcut automation will send you a notification that you need to tap to trigger the automation. To turn this feature off, deselect the Ask Before I Run option.

Tap to turn off questions before running

On the confirmation pop-up, tap the Don’t Ask button.

Tap Don't ask about popup

This automation is now carried out automatically in the background. When you’re done, tap the Done button.

Tap Done to save the automation

And that’s it. Automation is now complete.

The next time you open the Netflix or YouTube app you will see a notification that the app triggered the link.

Now that you’ve created the automation to turn off the portrait orientation lock when you open an app, you can create another automation to turn it back on when you close the apps. You can repeat the above instructions with a few changes.

When setting up the shortcut, make sure you select the “Is Closed” option.

Select Is Closed From Automation

In the shortcut action, set the orientation to Power On.

Enable the orientation lock in action

No need to spend time creating complex shortcuts to automate actions on your iPhone or iPad. You can simply download community created shortcuts and use them in just a second!

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