Historical strategy game 0 AD Alpha 25 released

0 ads Alpha 25 “Yaunā” was released over the weekend, which improved pathfinding, performance and GUI, and initially realized single-player campaigns.

0 AD is a free and open source historical real-time strategy (RTS) game that can run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. It has real-time strategy game components for base establishment, economic development, army training, combat and technical research. The game has both single-player and multi-player functions.

The game originally started as the concept of a complete conversion mode for Age of Empires II: Age of Kings. Then the developers thought that there were too many restrictions on making modules, so they created an internal engine.For more information about the game, please check This page .

It is worth noting that 0 AD is still considered as alpha software, mainly because its functions have not been completed (for example, the addition of new civilizations is very frequent), but the game is playable. However, according to the game download page, there are still some errors, such as delays when moving multiple units, large maps may cause problems, and disabling formations. No official release date has been set for the stable version.

0 Ads Alpha 25

0 New features and improvements in AD alpha 25:

  • Pathfinding and network code improvements-Improve pathfinding, performance and reduce game latency
  • Order reorganization-players can now push new orders to the front of the production queue
  • Improved unit AI
  • New biomes with new 2k textures and normal/mirror maps
  • Initial implementation of single player campaign
  • Graphical user interface improvements
  • Extended graphics options
  • Improved mod support and game filtering in the multiplayer lobby
  • The ongoing civilization balance
  • Various other game stability bug fixes and acceleration

The new initial single player campaign feature introduced in this version only allows you to choose between two campaigns at this stage: Tutorial or “Demonstration Campaign-New Map”:

0 ad demo single player campaign

After starting a new campaign and selecting a scene, you will see a matching settings screen, which is similar to the existing single player match screen. This allows you to set the AI ​​difficulty, as well as game, player, and map settings (such as conquest or diplomatic game type, population limit, game speed, etc.).

You can see these changes in 0 AD Alpha 25 Trailer below :

Download 0 ads

If your Linux distribution cannot quickly update packages like 0 AD (for example, Arch Linux already have Alpha 25 is in its repository, but some Linux distributions may have alpha 24 or even older), and you want to play the latest 0 AD Alpha 25, please try Flathub package Updated, or Snapshot store Candidate package ( --candidate ). 0 AD Launchpad PPA has not been updated to the latest Alpha 25.


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