How do I force quit the Safari browser on a Mac computer?

The Apple Safari app may freeze or stop responding when it runs out of resources. Mac computers are no exception to this, which usually occurs with Windows computers.

So let’s be honest, you can’t run a frozen app on your Mac. This will affect your work and you will need to force quit to restart. But the question is, how can you force quit the Safari app on Mac without crashing your system?

You can use these methods to force not just the Safari browser but any app running on a macOS computer.

In this article, let’s see how to force quit an app that is frozen or not responding. Although on a Windows PC you have the Task manager and End process . OR right click on the app in the system tray and exit.

Useful Apple Safari keyboard shortcuts for Mac users

Maybe it’s the same on the Mac too, but the keyboard shortcuts and name are different.


How do I force quit Safari or any other app on Mac?

We’ve provided you with four methods that you can try to force quit an app that is not responding or is lagging. Let’s take a look at each of them now. You can use these methods to quit Safari or any other application running on a macOS computer.

Quit from the Apple menu

You can simply force quit an app from the Apple menu if the application is not responding. The option is also available for the Safari browser to close the ongoing process.

Here are the steps to exit Safari from the Apple menu option :

  1. Select the Safari browser app in an active state.
  2. Click the Apple icon for quick menu.
  3. Click on Force quit Safari Option from the list.

The Safari app should therefore be forcibly terminated. Alternatively, you can right-click the app in the Dock and select Force Quit if you can access it.

Force quit apps from Docker in Mac

Quit from the “Force Quit” window

Forcing the Exit Window is useful when for some reason you cannot access the Apple menu. This Force Quit Applications lists all running and unresponsive apps, including the background apps.

Here are the steps to quit Safari from the Force Quit Applications window :

  1. Press command + opportunity + Esc Keys at the same time.
  2. This should be the Force application to quit Window.
  3. Select and highlight the app you want to force quit.
  4. click on the Force quit Command button.
    App is not responding Force application to quit

Now the app should be forcibly closed after renewed confirmation and you can work with your Mac again.

Force confirmation to quit the Music app on Mac computer

You can restart the app to run it again. You can also quit the Safari browser running in the background without your knowledge by forcing the application quit feature.

Quit the activity monitor

The Activity Monitor is similar to the Task Manager in Windows. This app can be useful for monitoring resource usage for your Mac and can also help quit or quit any app that is not responding.

Here are the steps to end the Safari browsing process from the Activity Monitor :

  1. Press command + place Buttons to open Spotlight search.
  2. Enter activity in the Spotlight search bar.
  3. Open minded Activity monitor from the results.
  4. Select the Safari app from the Activity Monitor list.
    Quit the Safari app from the Activity Monitor
  5. click on the x Checkmark in the top left corner of the app to force quit the Safari app.

Here’s how to quit or quit an unresponsive Safari app from an activity monitor. You can select any app that you want to quit in a similar way.

Force restart your Mac computer

If nothing else opens or responds and your system is completely broken, you will not be able to use the steps or methods above. So at this point, all you can do is forcibly quit all apps and then restart your Mac.

Here are the steps to quit apps and restart your Mac computer :

  1. Press and hold the steering + command + Media eject Keyboard shortcuts on the keypad.
  2. When you see your Mac power off and on again, release these buttons.
  3. You should be able to sign back in to the computer without any app running.

Please note that this will quit all apps without prompting you to save the unsaved files or open any documents. If you have any, save before you force restart.

You can also press and hold that steering + power Key to forcibly turn off your Mac and restart it normally.

Conclusion: quit the Safari browser

You can also try pulling out the battery to force restart your Mac. This is ideal for the iMac, but if you have a MacBook you will need to unscrew the back cover to remove the battery.

Here’s how you can force quit Safari or other frozen apps on your Mac. However, you can see that these steps are very simple. But you see the apps freezing very often, then you should consider updating or resetting your Mac so you can get it back to normal working state.

If you force exit Safari, an unsaved open window will be deleted. So make a backup copy of any written documents or online files. I use the Safari browser a lot and as the number of tabs open and new tabs increased, the browser became heavy and sluggish. I had no choice but to force the Safari browser entirely.

If you are an iPhone user with Safari as your primary browser, you can consider resetting Safari browser on iOS to get rid of unknown issues.

What do you think of quitting the Safari browser from a Mac? Do you find this helpful? Why are you forcing the Safari browser to quit in the first place? Share it with us.

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