How do I manage download settings in Samsung Internet?

The download is the essential feature of every browser. You can also use Samsung Internet to download music, videos, pictures, documents, etc. The download function comes standard with Samsung Internet, you don’t need to add any add-ons to activate downloads.

A few days ago my grandfather tried to download a video from Samsung Internet. He tried a lot to download the video but cannot download the video. He asked for my help, I’ve helped him by suggesting the best ways to manage download settings on Samsung internet.

The Samsung Internet download menu keeps a record of all downloaded files up-to-date. A single tap on the download record opens the file itself if we haven’t changed anything.

How do I download pages for offline access to Samsung Internet?

We can also customize the option to allow or deny the download request, this will essentially help avoid duplicate downloads. Aside from the download request, we can also disable the automatic download feature.


Download files from Samsung Internet

If you have just started using Samsung Internet browser, you may have difficulty downloading files. You can easily download files from Samsung Internet. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to install any extensions to do this.

Here are the steps to download or save files YouTube Video on samsung internet :

  1. begin the Samsung internet browser on the mobile phone.
  2. Open a website and navigate to video, picture or whatever you want to download.
  3. Tap and hold the file to get a pop-up button.
  4. Hit on Save on computer Button to download the file.

If you follow the steps above, you can even get the YouTube Videos. When you want to download an image, just long press it and you will see the save button.

View download files on the Samsung Internet

After you’ve downloaded a file, the next step is to check whether the file downloaded successfully or not. You can easily view and delete your downloaded file records from Samsung Internet Settings.

Here are the steps to view and / or delete download files from Samsung Internet :

  1. begin the Samsung internet on your Android device.
  2. Tap on Options list menu.
  3. Choose Download Menu button.
    Samsung internet download menu This will open a list of all downloaded files in the Samsung internet browser.
  4. If you want to delete downloaded files, long press the file to select it.
    Delete all download records in Samsung Internet
  5. Hit that Delete everything Button.
  6. Choose Delete all files Command button.

This will delete the downloaded file from the phone memory as well as the record from the Samsung internet browser. If you only want to remove the download record, select the Erase from history Option in step # 6.

Block automatic downloads on Samsung Internet

Some of the websites you visit may download files to an Android smartphone without your permission. This is the worst situation you could possibly face. It gets worse when you run out of space. Fortunately, Samsung Internet lets you block automatic downloads.

Here are the steps to block Samsung Internet from auto downloading :

  1. begin the Samsung internet browser app.
  2. Tap that horizontal 3bar symbol Menu button.
  3. Choose settings Menu from the list.
  4. In the Advanced section, select the option Websites and Downloads Menu.
    Sites and download settings in Samsung Internet
  5. In the Downloads section, turn on the Shift key for Ask before you start the download and Block automatic downloads Opportunity.
    Download options in Samsung Internet

This will block all automatically downloaded files and ask for your permission to start downloads. This will also help avoid duplicate downloads.

Conclusion: Samsung internet download settings

The Samsung Internet has features that block automatic downloads. This feature is very helpful as it prevents the websites from automatically saving files to your internal storage. Samsung Internet also provides an easy way to download files.

After my grandfather familiarized himself with the above steps, he was able to manage the download settings on the Samsung Internet. Now he can easily save them YouTube Videos to watch later. He was very happy and thanked me for teaching him about Samsung’s internet download settings.

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Did you manage to use Samsung’s internet download settings? What do you think of the feature that you should ask before downloading?

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