How do I take a full page screenshot on Safari iPhone / iPad?

Taking a screenshot on your iOS device isn’t much fun prior to iOS 11, a screenshot was just a screenshot and you don’t have much to do with your iPhone or iPad. However, the game changed completely when the screenshot editor came out, a powerful tool that Apple added to new iOS devices. Even so, users are unfamiliar with this powerful screenshot editor tool. This inspires us to come up with a guide to help users take full-page screenshots on Safari iOS.

The best part about this tool is the ability to take a screenshot of an entire webpage in Safari, and guess what? The screenshot editor tool allows you to save the screenshots of the webpage as PDF instead of PNG.

Unfortunately, you cannot save the PDFs in your Photos app because they are PDF files and not an image. However, they save them to a different location on the local On My iPhone drive. Hence, it is relatively easy for us to have the essential web articles such as short stories, how-to articles, and other lengthy readings on your iOS device or iCloud.

How do I mark and save as PDF in Safari iOS / iPadOS?

Speaking of full-page screenshots on Safari iOS: iOS 14 is currently loaded with lots of exciting new features. Of course, you can always save the normal screenshot as an image file.

Safari iPhone full screen screenshot

Would you also like to take a full page screenshot on Safari iOS? Then you are right with us. Remember, you can only create a full webpage screen on Safari iPhone or iPad if you have the latest versions of iOS. So make sure your iOS device is running on iOS 13 or higher.

Here are the steps to take a full page screenshot on Safari iPhone :

  1. begin the Safari browser app on iOS.
  2. Open a webpage that you need to take a full-page screenshot.
  3. Take a normal screenshot on iPhone or iPad.
    • iPhone / iPad without a home button: Press the Power key and volume up Button together.
    • iPhone / iPad with Home button: Press the Power key and Home button simultaneously.
  4. Tap here to open that Thumbnail view of the screenshot that appears on the screen.
    The screenshot is opened on the display together with two tabs, Screen and Full Page.
  5. Switch to the Full page Option tab.
    Full-page tab for Safari screenshot on iOS
  6. Hit that complete Command button.
  7. Choose Save PDF to files and select the location of the folder.
    Save PDF to Files option in iPhone Markup and Editor
  8. Hit that Save on computer Command button.

That’s it. Now your screenshot of a full webpage screenshot will be saved as a PDF file in Safari. As mentioned earlier, the screenshot of the whole page is not saved as an image, so you will not be able to view it in the photo viewer. Instead, you need a PDF viewer.

You can also edit the screenshot of the whole page before exporting it to PDF. Tap that Crop icon to open the preview mode and resize the screenshot.

Full-page screenshot crop preview on iPhone

Hit on complete Command to save the crop.

Conclusion: Safari iPhone full-screen screenshot

This feature is very useful in many cases when you need to take a full-page screenshot, but I don’t think it’s ideal. First, you can only take screenshots in Apple’s own Safari browser and doesn’t support other browsers like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Second, you can save the screenshot in PDF format instead of image format. It would be best if it allowed the screenshot of the whole page to be saved as an image.

How to capture a full-page screenshot Chrome?

We hope Apple added this feature to third-party browser application as well, but until then, it’s good that this nice feature is added for Safari iOS.

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should try.

window Mac OS iOS Android Linux
Chrome window Chrome Mac Chrome iOS Chrome Android Firefox Linux
Firefox window Safari Mac Safari iOS Edge Android Chrome Linux
Edge window Firefox Mac Edge iOS Samsung internet Edge Linux

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