How to activate and configure Game Booster on your Samsung mobile

In our day to day one of the tools that we use the most without a doubt is our mobile device, both to watch videos, listen to music and to take images. And not only this, but more and more users decide to use their phones to enjoy any game. In addition to that it is more common in large part due to the different functionalities they have to improve the gaming experience, as is the case with Game Booster of the Samsung Galaxy.

Best of all, we not only have a tool to facilitate gameplay on the smartphones of the Korean company like the one we bring you right now, but we already talked to you about Game Launcher at the time. However, we find different functions that they exercise, since, in this case, Booster has intelligent functions to adjust other determining factors of the Samsung Galaxy such as temperature, performance and the terminal’s battery itself. But what exactly is it for?

What do you do on mobile?

One of the services that we find in every mobile from the Korean company, which is accompanied by Game Launcher, is the Game Booster function . With this tool we will get more out of each of the facets of our mobile phone from the Asian firm. In addition, one of its strengths is that access or activation is completely simple and especially fast, so it will never be a problem to use this functionality.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know each of its qualities so that we can adjust it to each and every one of our gaming needs. So it will always be important to know the options that we can configure, as well as the possibilities it offers us to improve the experience when we play on a Samsung Galaxy .

But, ultimately, this tool has been designed by the smartphone manufacturer in order to offer us a gameplay in which nothing and no one can interfere while we enjoy any title. In addition, this tool uses Artificial Intelligence to be able to register the usage patterns of each game and adjust determining factors that we told you before, such as battery life, smartphone performance and temperature.

Even this function integrated into Samsung mobiles will make it easier than ever for us to record and share screenshots every time we are playing. This means that it will be ideal for those users who want to publish videos and photos on different social networks or platforms.

Game Booster Options

After knowing what this tool from the Korean company is about, it is time to go on to see all the options that it offers us once we activate it. But how can we enable it on a Samsung Galaxy? Don’t worry, starting this functionality is quite quick and easy.

To be able to start it, we just have to click on the Game Booster icon that will be located in the navigation bar. In case it is hidden, we will have to slide it up from the bottom of the screen or to the left from the right part of the panel to be able to view it. If in your case you had configured the navigation bar to use ‘Full screen gestures’, you will have to swipe down from the top of the panel of your mobile to open the notification panel and then click on ‘ Touch to open Game Booster ‘ .

Create a shortcut

One of the first strengths of this functionality of the Galaxy is that we can create shortcuts or shortcuts for the different functions that it offers us:

  • Touch screen lock.
  • Navigation button lock.
  • Screenshot.
  • Pop-up panel.
  • Engrave.
  • None.

To add a quick shortcut we will have to go to the Game Booster panel , click on the Settings icon> Shortcuts or Shortcuts and choose the function that we want to have more accessible.

Put locks

Once we count we have started it on our Samsung phone, we will have access to the following ‘lock’ options , and all in order to improve the gaming experience and without any interruptions:

  1. Blocks during the game : we will be able to remove some functions of the mobile so that it does not bother us while we are playing. To enable it we will have to go to the Game Booster panel> Block during the game and within we will choose between the options of Notifications, Full screen gestures, Automatic brightness, Bixby and Edge Content.
  2. Lock the touch screen : we can lock the panel so that it is always fixed, for them we will have to open the Game Booster Panel and click on the Touch screen lock option. To remove the lock, we just have to slide it in any direction.
  3. Lock the navigation buttons : we will be able to hide the virtual buttons of the navigation bar from the panel of this tool and by clicking on Lock navigation button. If we want them to be shown again, we just have to click on the navigation bar.

Save energy

We will no longer have to resort to the classic battery saving mode of Samsung mobiles every time we want to play a video game, but within this tool we find its own energy saving that we can enable whenever we want.

To activate it, we will have to start this tool and enter its settings by clicking on the gear icon. Then, it will be time to click on the switch that appears next to Power saving during lockout . In this way, we will achieve that it consumes less battery percentage, since the frame rate of the games is decreased while the touch lock is enabled.

Use the full screen

When it comes to enjoying a title, on many occasions, we will not be able to have the best experience because we are not able to use the full screen of the smartphone. However, with this functionality of the Galaxy we will be able. We just have to enter the Game Booster settings and click on Applications full screen . Then, we will have to click on the games that we want to see in full screen each time we enter it and choose the Full Screen option, instead of the Automatic option.

Improve the sound

If your Galaxy smartphone has Dolby Atmos technology, in addition to being able to use it to improve every time you play any video or song on your phone, thanks to Game Booster we will be able to automatically enjoy a more realistic sound when playing video games. To do this, we must go to the settings of this tool and click on the Dolby Atmos option for games.

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