How to Activate and Configure Realme Motorcycle Mode

The Chinese firm is updating its latest mobiles to Android 11, something that is possible thanks to the new Realme UI 2.0 customization layer. A new version of the cape that is arriving with many new features. Among them is the new motorcycle mode , which offers us a safe environment to go out with our vehicle, avoiding distractions.

There are many apps and hardware that have been launched over the years to make our motorcycle outings safer. In all of them, security must prevail, as in this case with the new mode introduced by Realme.

What is this mode for?

Well, Realme has released a new function with Android 11, which joins the existing ones in the smart services section of the application settings. In this there was already an intelligent driving mode, more designed to be used when we are driving a car. On this occasion, the Chinese firm has wanted to remember the large number of users who use their brand’s mobiles from a motorcycle, while they go out to enjoy it while taking a ride. Well, this is a way that minimizes distractions while riding our bike.

And not only that, but it filters them to only allow those that we know are really important, and to which we should pay attention in the shortest possible time, despite riding our motorcycle. Basically this mode restricts incoming calls on our Realme mobile. So much so that we can choose who can call us when we are in this active mode. We can select that only our contacts, the highlighted contacts can call us or prevent anyone from calling, choosing that none in our agenda can make calls to us while we have this active mode.

We can also choose to receive calls if one of them is insistent . As those of you who ride a motorcycle know, some outings on it can take us half an hour, an hour or more on it, time in which we are completely abstracted from the world. If something happens while we are riding our motorcycle, we do not find out. But there is the option that this mode admits certain calls, more insistent, which by their nature we should respond, if not on the back of the motorcycle, at least once we have been able to safely stop as soon as possible to talk. We can also configure a message, so that when someone calls us, it is sent by automatically rejecting the call. Therefore it is a more similar mode to “do not disturb” but with some specific aspects for motorists, which are appreciated.

How is this mode activated?

Well, as we say, it is a new function that has arrived with Android 11 , therefore we must have Realme UI 2.0 installed before, otherwise we will not be able to access this mode. Once we know that we have this version, we must configure the mode correctly, in this way:

  • Open the settings of your Realme mobile
  • Click on “smart services”
  • Select the “motorcycle mode” also called “two wheels”
  • Once inside, activate the slider next to “Two wheels mode”

Once we have done it, this mode will have been activated. But it will do so with the configuration that by default has this functionality on our mobile. To be able to edit the parameters of use, we must click on ” Do not disturb while driving “. At that time we will see different functions to customize the use of this mode. For example, to be able to choose who can make calls to us with this active mode. We can also choose to allow calls from numbers that have called us at least twice in the last three minutes. With this activated, only those insistent calls will be accepted, and therefore the mobile will ring.

We can also choose to send the automatic message when rejecting a call, by pressing the option “Automatically send a message after rejecting a call”. The last option does not have much importance, since it blocks voice and video calls within the app, but only in the case of WeChat, a popular app in China, but with no follow-up in the West. Finally, we have the possibility to quickly and easily activate and deactivate this mode from the Android quick shortcuts . Therefore, it is the best way to activate the mode if we already have our gloves on and we do not want to complicate ourselves a lot. Even with the tip of the nose we could activate it.

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