How to add a Gmail account. added Outlook On-line

Microsoft Outlook Online has a special button for adding a Gmail account to your online email client. How to drag your Gmail emails into Outlook with just a few clicks.

We showed you how to add other email accounts Outlook Online, but this process included configuration pages that wanted to know things like port numbers and POP or IMAP server names. Granted, Outlook would normally fill in this information for you if it could, but it’s still a bit intimidating.

In an effort to simplify the process and in recognition of that it is well over 1.5 billion Gmail accounts, Microsoft added a special “Add Gmail Account” button Outlook On-line. This is how it works.

After opening the Microsoft Outlook Desktop website, click the New Email Account icon. From there, select the Gmail option.

A new tab will open to the Gmail login screen. Enter Your Google email address and click “Next”.

Gmail account name field.

Enter Enter your password for this Gmail account and click the “Next” button again.

Gmail password field.

Read the explanation of what you are giving Microsoft access to and click “Allow” (assuming you agree to the explanation).

Gmail confirmation screen.

Outlook Online will now open and show you your emails sent to your Gmail account. You can choose between your Outlook and Gmail accounts using the buttons in the sidebar.

the Outlook and Gmail buttons in the sidebar.

Use the built-in sweep function in Outlook Online to delete unwanted email

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