How to allow or disable the location request in Edge Browser?

A question asked by all users with privacy issues around the world is whether or not it is safe to share their device location with third party apps and services.

To be honest, there are two ways to investigate. On the one hand, it will surely raise some eyebrows, considering the app may be able to track you down to your real location.

On the other hand, however, it also has its own advantages. And this assertion that the benefits of location sharing outweigh the risks involved in some cases definitely carries weight.

In this regard, many popular web browsers are compatible with the Geolocation API used by many websites and web applications.

But why would a website want to keep track of our location? Well it would use it to send us curated content based on our locations.

To the exampleWhen you search for “auto repair shops” nearby, the search results use this geolocation API to bring you only the results of those stores in the Proximity to your actual location .

Likewise, navigation websites that display maps and routes use your geolocation to give you precise directions to a location.

In this guide we will show you how to use the location service on Microsoft’s Edge Browser.

So without further ado, let’s start with the steps to control geolocation access in the Edge Browser, both on the PC and on the smartphone.


Location access in Edge computer

the Edge Browser on the computer allows control of the location service and requests permissions to allow or block the sites for your location.

Here are the steps to enable or disable location access in Microsoft Edge at the computer :

  1. begin the Microsoft Edge Browser on your PC.
  2. click on the More to the menu list.
  3. Choose settings Options menu.
  4. Switch to the Cookies and Site Permissions Tab from the left menu bar.
  5. Scroll to the All Permissions section and click on the Location Menu.
    Cookies and site permission location access in Edge Browser
  6. Turn the switch for ON or OFF Ask before access (recommended) Opportunity.
    Toggle for Location Ask Before Access in Edge window

When you toggle the Shift key on, the location service is activated. Whenever you interact with a site that needs your location, you will be sent a prompt. You can then decide accordingly by clicking on Allow or block Command button.

Allow or block the location access request on Edge Computer browser

However, if you turn the switch for Before accessing, ask The location access pop-up will not appear and will be blocked for all websites.

Location service in Edge Android

To like Edge Computer that Microsoft Edge for Android gives complete control over how the browser and website use the location service. We can either block the individual request or stop receiving device location requests entirely.

Here are the steps to allow or block the location service for websites Edge for Android :

  1. begin the Edge Browser on the smartphone.
  2. Tap that More horizontal 3-point symbol in the lower menu bar.
  3. Choose settings from the menu that opened.
    More menu option with setting option in Edge Android
  4. Tap that Privacy and security Section followed by Site permissions .
    Privacy and security site permissions in Edge for Android
  5. Choose Location Menu from the list.
  6. Enable or disable the toggle key for location service. Button to toggle location access to Edge Android

With location switching enabled, every time you come across a website that wants access to your location, you have to tap the button first Allow Command. You can hit too block if you think it is an invalid or malicious request.

Allow or block location access to Edge Android browser

After that, go to the notification panel from above and enable that Geographic positioning system via the quick setting switch. Only now can the site in question access your location.

GPS location services in Android OS

However, if you use the location service from the Edge in the Site Settings menu, the site will not query you with the device’s location queries.

Conclusion: location access in Edge

This rounds off the instructions on how to activate or deactivate geolocation on the Microsoft Edge Browser, both on Android and on computer PC.

While granting or revoking location permission for a website depends on the preferences of the user, at the very least you should make sure that websites with such access are safe and trustworthy.

Additionally, if you want to revoke a site’s location permission or remove one from the blacklist, go to edge: // settings / content / location Page and click on the rubbish next to the website you want in the Block or Allow section.

Allowed and blocked location permissions in Edge computer

Let us know what you think of the location permission settings and how useful they are for you in everyday life. Did you also block a website requesting your location?

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should try.

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