How to block gambling ads on Facebook

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Facebook has always been the most popular social media platform in the UK, with users spending an average of 2.3 hours a day. This has become a golden ticket for gambling operators to advertise on the platform. However, not all users share the same fanatic because they are bombarded with gambling advertising impressions.As mentioned , Certain casino ads that are not on Gamstop and other ads that may be harmful to players. Players looking for non-Gamstop operators may face compulsive habits. These ads are not only annoying, but are also becoming a risk for those seeking to protect themselves and vulnerable relatives from gambling problems.

Facebook is the leading social media platform with 2.7 billion users. It is estimated that the platform spends an average of 2.3 hours a day, which is a very large time interval for advertisers to promote their products and services. Gambling is no exception. Due to several restrictions of the UKGC, such as a total prohibition of greater translation in other media on TV, in order to maintain the marketing self, gambling has been in trouble in the UK.

A study by IPSOS MORI shows that, on average, 65% of children and 69% of young people have at least one gambling-related advertising impression. Celebrity endorsements, humorous and charming lifestyle portrayals quickly attracted their attention. Especially in the poorest sectors, where financial burdens are found, and gambling is seen as a source of income, not a source of entertainment.

To protect young people and disadvantaged groups Facebook and UKGC cooperate Provide solutions and reduce their exposure to gambling advertising.

Know how it works

The Facebook algorithm is optimized to not only cooperate with social media giants, but also to promote advertisements that suit your interests and content searches for third-party web searches. The reason for having a certain ad impression depends on you and your search activity. If you navigate to content related to gambling, it will be reflected in proportion to how often you interact with that type of content.

Although it is impossible to eliminate all gambling ads directly from Facebook, there are several ways to minimize their presence.

give a thumbs up

Everyone who likes and subscribes creates a custom profile where Facebook can handle its ads. The best way is to cancel all gambling-related pages and profiles, and even jokes and memes, no matter how funny they are, give up any content related to gambling, because it will continue to build preferences and make it heavy.

Change your preference

Advertising preferences

With this option, you can edit all preferences related to content based on search profiles from Facebook or external sources. This modification will affect the type of content, but it will not affect the number of ads you will continue to see.

To access it, you just need to follow the path below

Account => Settings and Privacy => Settings => Advertising

If it is only associated with “gambling ads” or other sensitive content, you can change all the advertiser’s advertising preferences by marking the “Hide Ads” button.This will remove your ads from gambling as TV after the gambling ban . You will find other categories:

Ad theme

You will find a list of topics, which can be deleted to reduce its appearance.

Ad settings

This will display another list of options to change

Data from partners about your activities

Facebook has reached agreements with several third-party companies through external pages to promote its content and products gambling in them. If you have interacted with a page that may be related to gambling content, that page will be displayed. Choosing “not allowed” will eliminate all personalized ads based on your external activities.

Commonly used categories

It will show another sublist below

Interest category

Likewise, depending on your activity, certain categories will continue to appear in the list even if you only glance at it once. Just like a garden that must be cleaned regularly, to protect yourself from gambling advertisements, you must regularly uncheck all gambling-related categories.

other categories

Advertisers persevere, not only showing ads related to your preferences, but also showing ads with people on your friends list. Removing you from the category will prevent advertisers from contacting you and your contacts, but will not affect the number of people you keep seeing.

Audience-based advertising

Based on your information, Facebook advertisers can display ads to certain audiences based on your activities with business partners, who are based on your information and activities outside of Facebook. This is the most difficult part, because you have to manually delete every gambling provider, but in the long run, this effort does pay off.

Although it is almost an impossible task to escape all the ads on Facebook, we must gain greater self-awareness from the activities we engage in to reduce our exposure to harmful/harmful ads. This is by no means to cause paranoia, but the more we understand ourselves, the less likely it is to blame others for the things we control.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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