How to change all sounds on Realme mobiles

The sounds of mobile phones go beyond the classic sound that alerts us that they are calling us and on Realme mobile phones their possibilities may surprise us. Thanks to its many options, we can make no other mobile sound the same as ours and make a difference, in addition to this it will help us to easily identify when our smartphone or that of the person next to you is ringing.

Although the thing is not only in the ringtones, since the mobile is full of sounds that allow us to identify through the ear what the mobile wants to tell us. From the hand of Realme UI we will be able to get in any of its versions some options designed especially for our comfort and enjoyment.

Tone types

To facilitate the process and customization, the manufacturer Realme and its developers have placed everything that has to do with sound in the same section. Something that prevents us from leaving and entering menus so that we have everything at a few quick taps and we only have to worry about the choice we make.


To start giving free rein to our tastes, you find us before one of the most important customizable sounds in Realme , calls. At the end of the day, in most cases this is the sound that matters most to us because it plays for a longer time and can even become somewhat tiresome. To configure it we will have to follow this process:

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • We select the option Sound and vibration.
  • Then go down to the Ringtone section.

Among all the ringtones that appear to us, we are faced with an important truth about classic sounds integrated into the system. But if this were not enough, we also have the ability to choose other sounds from the files, so that, for example, we can save a song on our mobile and then choose it from this section in a few quick taps.

In case we prefer another option, we can also access the Realme Music app and start listening to the song that we have saved on the mobile, and then touch on the two points at the top and choose the option Set as ringtone predetermined.

Message and notifications

But not all of what we are going to hear will be the same as what we see in calls. In Realme we also have access to the customization of sounds for messages and notifications. The messages are interpreted in the messaging app only, while the notifications are those used in the rest of the apps or system alerts.

To change these, we have to do the same at the beginning that we did previously. Starting by entering Settings> Sound and vibration, but in this case correspondingly touching message tones or notification sound depending on what we want to configure. In the case of message sounds, the options are more basic, with alerts that we can personally expand from the selection of files on the phone.

On the other hand, when we touch the sounds menu for notifications, we find that there are more possibilities with respect to the options seen before, a series of smart melodies. These are electronic, glass harp, marimba or classical guitar. These are sounds that last over time depending on the number of alerts we receive.

How many times have we encountered that our mobile phone does not stop repeating an alert over and over again because in a WhatsApp group it does not stop talking, because with this the sound of Realme will be fluid and non-repetitive as it happens in other cases.


Within the alarms section, the manufacturer also gives us options to choose one tone or another. We can decide between all the sounds that the system brings as standard, where the classic alarm sounds , others based on nature or even music that comes from our internal memory will be.

To choose one or the other, we just have to enter Clock, set the time and days when it will sound, then selecting the melody.

Extra options

Once we are in the sound settings in the system, we can see that there is a section called More sounds and haptics, in which we recommend entering to take the sound options further. Within this panel we can choose other preferences of the mobile and the sound, among which is the reproduction in the following elements that give a plus of personalization to the terminal:

  • Dial pad tone.
  • Lock screen ringtone.
  • Screenshot sound.
  • Elimination sound.
  • Fingerprint animation sounds.
  • Touch sounds.

The Alert Problem

To be able to know at all times and without looking at the screen the app that is playing on our mobile, we are faced with a Realme difficulty. It is not possible in Realme UI to individually choose a sound for each alert, so we have to settle for using it or opt for alternatives. In Google Play there are several solutions, among which ZEDGE is one of the popular ones and allows us to choose between many sounds to include in each app individually.

Create / save new sounds

Once we know how to implement the options and possibilities of the sound in Realme mobiles, we only have to know the necessary steps to, for example, choose a ringtone song . We can only download it from a website or mobile platform, although we could face problems locating it. The ideal method to follow to find it easily requires the use of the file manager that we already have in the terminal and that multiplies our options.

Whether we prefer to do it from the computer, or if we do it from the mobile, the location where we have to place the elements is the Ringtones folder within the internal storage. This section will be where if we copy or cut an audio file, we will be able to use it without problems on the mobile. But we cannot ignore the importance of the format either, which can cause problems.

Realme mobiles support some of the most popular ones without errors, such as MP3, MKV, MP4, AAC, WAV and GSM. But we recommend resorting to MP3 or MP4, so if it is in any other, we will have to resort to an online audio converter that will allow us to upload the file and download it instantly transformed and ready to use as our ringtone.

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