How to change the color of your mouse pointer in Windows 11

Windows 11 offers several ways to customize the mouse pointer, including the ability to change its color however you want. This can help you see the pointer better or just give your Windows PC a unique style. That’s how it’s done.

First, open Windows Settings by pressing Windows + i. Or you can right-click on the start menu and select “Settings”.

In Preferences, select the Accessibility section in the sidebar, then click Pointer & Touch.

In Windows 11 Settings, click Accessibility in the sidebar, then select Pointer & Touch.

In the Pointer and Touch Options, expand the Pointer And Style menu by clicking on it, if necessary. Then select the mouse pointer option “Custom” on the far right of the list, which is indicated by a colored pointer arrow in a square.

Click on the colorful

Once you’ve selected “Custom” you can either choose a pointer color from one of the eight “Recommended Colors” shown in a series of squares below, or you can click the plus (“+”) button labeled ” Choose another color ”click. to choose a custom color.

Select a color from the

After you have clicked on the plus button, a color palette opens in a small window. Position the circle within the gradient to select the custom cursor color you want. Note that when you choose a custom mouse pointer color, the pointer border automatically switches between black for lighter colors and white for darker colors.

When you’re done, click Done.

Use the color picker to choose a custom color, then click Done.

Congratulations, you are the owner of a new mouse pointer with a custom color! Your settings have already been saved, so don’t hesitate to close the preferences window when you are happy with the way your cursor is set up. Have fun showing!

How to change the mouse pointer size and style in Windows 11

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