How to Change the Default Music App on iPhone and iPad

As time progresses, the Cupertino company is making really interesting changes to its business strategy. Apple has always been a company that has not left the customization of its operating systems very open, specifically iOS. However, in the latest versions we are seeing how this trend has been changing little by little, and even now, with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, users can change the default music application. In this post we explain everything to you.

There is life beyond Apple Music and Spotify

Historically Spotify has been the king among streaming music services, until Apple Music arrived, which within iOS users, has been able to snatch a large market share from the green giant, although it is still far from its numbers, somewhat which is caused by the large number of Android users who, despite the fact that Apple also offers its application for this operating system, is a public that does not have Apple Music as a real alternative since many of these users have been using it for years and years. using Spotify as a music player.

However, as always, the market for streaming music services is not only reduced to the fight between Spotify and Apple Music, there are also other really attractive options that, it seems that little by little, they seduce more users who are encouraged to trust them to bring your favorite music every day. The entry of giants from other sectors into the world of streaming music has opened the eyes of many users of each to be able to consume alternatives to Spotify and Apple Music such as Amazon Music, YouTube Music or Tidal.

At first glance, all music services seem to have very similar virtues and defects, however, each one has peculiarities that make them the best option for each of the users who want to pay for the use of a streaming music service. of quality, therefore, from here we recommend that you invest part of your time in knowing what each and every one of these applications can offer to end up choosing the one that best suits your needs and uses.

So you can set Spotify as the default music app

Version 14.5 of iOS and iPadOS has brought a great novelty for all those users who use an iPad or an iPhone but not the Apple music service and who, until now, could not enjoy the same user experience as another user than if you used Apple Music as a streaming music player. With this update, all those who use Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tidal or any other streaming music player will be able to set said application as the default music app on their iPhone or iPad.

Without a doubt this is great news for everyone, Apple is gradually introducing improvements in its operating system that users have been asking for for a long time. This movement began with the first version of iOS and iPadOS 14, in which Apple allowed users to change the default email application, as well as the browser. In this way it was almost no longer mandatory to use Safari and Mail on the iPhone and iPad. This movement continues to cover other fields, reaching music, something that all users, especially those who do not use Apple Music, celebrate.

Surely, at this point you ask yourself, what do I have to do to be able to change the default music app on my iPhone and on my iPad? The process is really very simple and it will not cost you any effort. Once you have iOS 14.5 installed on your iPhone and / or iPadOS 14.5 on your iPad, you just have to ask Siri to play you a song or an album , the first time you make this request, the Apple assistant will ask you what which application you want to use to play your music, and there you can choose your favorite music app so that, from then on, it will be the default music app on your iPhone or iPad.

Limitations of this functionality

Obviously, as we have already commented previously, this movement is beneficial for everyone, and we celebrate it, however, it seems that the Cupertino company has not finished giving all the facilities to users since, although you can configure this setting the The first time, with iOS 14.5 and / or iPadOS 14.5, you ask Siri to play a song or album, once this movement has been made there is no possibility of being able to change this setting again. Unlike with browsers or email applications that, through the Settings app, you can change the default app as many times as you want, with streaming music service apps it is not possible.

Therefore, at least for the moment, you have to have the decision very well made if you are going to change the default streaming music app on your iPhone and / or iPad since this can affect other devices such as the HomePod and the way you have to interact with them. However, we hope that soon Apple will enable and facilitate the change of this setting to be able to change the default music application as many times as users want and thus facilitate even the fact of being able to try different services to know all the virtues of each one. of them, thus the users who are more indecisive and find it difficult to choose one of them, end up making the best possible decision that favors and benefits the use that each one makes of their streaming music service. In addition, we must also take into account that there are many users who even have two streaming music services at the same time, and it may happen that depending on each moment they are interested in having one or the other as a default on their device, in this way , this feature would help improve the user experience with this aspect.

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