How to change the location of Gnome Shell notifications on the screen

Are you looking for a way to change the location of the notification bubble in Gnome Shell on desktops such as Ubuntu , Debian , Fedora, Arch Linux, etc.? The easiest way is probably to use Panel OSD extension.
The two sliders of the panel OSD can be used to set the exact horizontal and vertical position of the notification, allowing you to place Gnome Shell notification bubbles anywhere on the screen. The extension also allows for forced notifications to expand without hovering the mouse over it.
Although the extension can do its job well, it is very basic and lacks some more advanced features, such as multi-monitor support. Now, you can only use the Panel OSD to place notifications on the main monitor.
I hope to see an option to configure notification bubble transparency in the Panel OSD extension, but unfortunately it is not provided. Can be done with another extension Transparent notification , But not for some Gnome Shell themes.
Regarding the transparent notification extension, it will automatically set the notification transparency to 50%, there is no option to change, but you can manually adjust the transparency level in the following ways: ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected] , Open stylesheet.css Use a text editor and edit the transparency value of the file (then restart Gnome Shell). The important thing to note is that Panel OSD does not work well with Unity (Make the appearance and behavior of Gnome Shell more like the extension of Unity desktop) Extension of Gnome Shell. This is because Unite forces the notification bubble to be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. If the Unite extension is enabled, Panel OSD will only be able to adjust the position of the vertical notification bubble.
By the way, if you only want to display the Gnome Shell notification in the upper right corner of the screen, you can also use the Unite extension. Change gnome shell notification bubble position

To use Panel OSD to change the location of the notification bubble on the desktop of Gnome Shell, use the Gnome Tweaks app to open the extended settings ( Extensions > Panel OSD ) Or Gnome extension website , And then drag the horizontal and vertical sliders to the location where you want to display the notification, and then click Show Test Notification Bubble to test the new setting.
If you want to extend all Gnome Shell notifications by default without having to hover over them to see the full notification text, please enable Force showing details for all notifications Options.

Install Panel OSD extension for Gnome Shell

To install the Panel OSD extension, please follow GNOME Shell Browser integration instructions If you haven’t already, go to Panel OSD page On the GNOME extension website. Next, click OFF Switch to the right of the extension to open it ON And install the extension.
Then, you can use GNOME Tweaks (in Extensions Tab), or visit local GNOME Shell extension page on the website, and then click the settings icon next to the panel OSD extension.


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