How to change the number of ads you see in the Brave Browser every hour

If you use that Brave Browsers, you may be missing out on one of its hidden preference switches. For example, Brave allows you to set hourly options for the maximum number of ads displayed while using the browser – up to 10 per hour .

Let’s see how to change this option and why you would want to do it.

Why do you want to see more ads?

For those who might be wondering why someone would want to see more ads: Brave works differently. For every ad notification displayed, you will be rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens or BAT, whether or not you notice it.

As you accumulate BAT, you can withdraw these tokens, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, or use them as tips for content creators. While you probably won’t make a fortune from the browser alone, this is pretty cute business. The more ads you see, the more you get paid.

How to increase the number of ads displayed Brave

First, make sure you have your. updated and restarted Brave Browser. Corresponding Brave’S Sticky Notes , for this you need at least version 1.26.67. You can check which version you have by selecting Above Brave in your Browser settings .

Once you know your browser is up to date, go to yours Ad settings . To get there, choose the Brave reward Logo to the right of the search bar. Within the Reward panel , click the gear for settings .

Now you see them Display field . Choose settings symbol , and a fly menu will appear that allows you to switch to 10 ads per hour.

Earn more with Brave reward

Previously, you could only receive up to five notifications per hour. This update will help you save extra BAT while using it Brave.

You may want to stay tuned for more updates on this privacy-conscious browser as it has released some intuitive tools and updates.

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