How to Change VPN Password in Windows 10

Using VPN services is very common nowadays. We can use them on desktop computers and also mobile devices. There are free and paid ones, in addition to finding options that are faster, safer or that offer more functions. Whichever option we choose, safety must always be kept in mind. In this article we are going to explain how to change the VPN password in Windows . We are going to see the process that we must carry out.

VPNs are very important for users and businesses

Keep in mind that the use of VPN is not only by private users. Companies may also need to use these types of programs, especially for those employees who perform their functions remotely and need to access the information and data of an organization in a secure way.

Over time, the importance of preserving privacy and security when browsing has grown. The information we have, the personal files and the content we share may be compromised if, for example, we enter a public Wi-Fi network. This makes it necessary to have services that can help us improve reliability when browsing.

That is why the use of VPNs has become very important for all types of users. It helps us remove restrictions as well. For example, if we want to enter a platform that may be restricted in a specific country, thanks to a VPN we can modify our location and thus be able to enter.

Whenever we use a VPN we must bear in mind the importance of security. You have to choose a service that is reliable , if possible avoiding the free versions, configure it correctly and not make mistakes that could affect us. One option we have is to configure a VPN in Windows and we are going to explain how to change the password.

How to change VPN password in Windows

Windows 10 today is the operating system that has the most users on desktop computers. This makes many use it in their day-to-day personal, but also at work. Especially in the latter case it can be interesting to change the VPN password and thus improve security.

It should also be noted that sometimes an authentication failure occurs when starting the VPN in Windows and that is because we have entered the password incorrectly. It could happen that we have simply put it wrong, something that is easily solved, but also that the network administrator of a company has changed the password associated with the user account. In this case we would have to change the VPN password in Windows 10.

The first thing we have to do is go to Home. Later we enter Configuration, we go to network and Internet and there we access VPN. We have to select the corresponding VPN, the one we want to change the password for, and click on Advanced Options.

When we are inside we must go to the Password section. We will simply have to write the one that interests us, the key we want to change for that VPN, and click Save. Changes will automatically take effect.

Choose a correct password for the VPN

We have explained how we can change the VPN password in Windows. We have seen that it is a very simple and fast process that we can take into account. On the one hand we can improve security and on the other hand we can also avoid possible problems.

Now, what password to put on the VPN? This point is very important. We should not choose any password, as with any other service or program that we use. It is necessary to create a password that is really complex and that can protect us adequately.

In this sense, our advice is to use a password manager to help us generate a totally secure key. We can also create them ourselves, but some factors must be taken into account:

  • Password that is unique and totally random
  • Contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other symbols
  • Have a suitable length
  • Avoid any word or number that relates us

Therefore, taking these points into account, we can create totally secure passwords for our VPN. It is something that we can also apply to any other registry or platform that we use. We must always generate keys that really protect us and are not a problem.

How to choose the best VPN for Windows

Another very important point is to correctly choose the VPN that we are going to use in Windows. In this way we will avoid problems that could jeopardize the proper functioning, the performance of our equipment and, ultimately, that it fulfills its function correctly. For this, we are going to give some tips on how a good VPN should be.

Avoid free versions

Without a doubt a top tip is to avoid the free versions of VPNs. In case of using a non-payment option it can be a problem for privacy, but also for performance. Ultimately, they could find a way to profit from our data and put us in danger.

Therefore, our advice is to always use a paid VPN, which is secure and offers all the guarantees. This way we will reduce the risk of suffering attacks or having any type of problem.

Choosing a VPN with many servers

The servers with which you have a VPN are going to be another important point. The more you have, the better. Having a wide range of possibilities will allow you to avoid problems that may arise. Thus, in case of being connected to a server and noticing that it works badly, we could choose any other in the league. Therefore, the more we have at our disposal, the less problems we will have.

See the countries you have

It is also interesting to analyze the countries where this VPN has servers. One of the most common uses of this type of program is to be able to access content that may be geographically restricted. In this way, the greater the range of possibilities to connect, the better. This aspect must also be analyzed.

Multi platform

Another important question is to choose a VPN that we can use both on our computer and on mobile devices. So we can use it anywhere . Keep in mind that nowadays mobile browsing is very common, so not having a compatible VPN could be a problem and we would be limited.

In short, changing the VPN password in Windows is a simple step that we can take into account. We have also explained what we should consider when choosing a VPN program so that it works as well as possible.

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