How to change your team logo in Microsoft Teams

Creating and joining a team in Microsoft Teams is easy. On the other hand, visually identifying a team from a long list of teams can be more difficult. Give your teams a visual identity by adding a unique logo to each one.

It’s very normal to have a list of teams in Microsoft Teams, each of which is represented by an icon with the team name’s initials on it.

The more teams you belong to, the more difficult it is to identify a team at a glance, especially if you are a member of multiple teams with the same initials. The best way to easily identify a team is to give it a unique logo. This picture will appear in the list of teams and in the team itself.

Before we start, know that you must be the owner of the team before you can change the icon.

To change your team logo, open Microsoft Teams, click the three-dot menu button next to the team name, then choose Manage Team.

The team menu with

Navigate to the Settings tab, expand the Team Picture section and click the Change Picture button.


In the window that opens, select the “Upload image” button.


A file dialog will appear where you can find the image you want to use for your team. Select the photo you want and then click the Save button.


Close the control panel. Your picture will now be visible in the sidebar and in the team itself.

The new logo is displayed in the team.

If you want to change the picture again in the future, just repeat the process.

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