How to change Zoom profile picture on desktop and mobile

When you sign in to Zoom with your Google or Microsoft account, the service takes the profile picture from the connected account. If you want to change the Zoom profile picture, you can simply change it. How to change Zoom profile picture on computer and mobile phone.

You may not want to use your Google or Microsoft profile picture as the default picture for Zoom. However, Zoom is flexible. You can change it to something else using Zoom web, Zoom desktop apps, and mobile apps. Read along to learn how.

1. Zoom Windows app

The Zoom Windows app is feature rich with all customizable options including dark mode. Follow the steps below to change your profile picture in the Zoom Windows app.

Step 1: Open the Zoom app on Windows.

Step 2: At the top, click the profile picture and go to Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down to Profile.

Step 4: Select Edit my profile and you will be taken to the Zoom account interface on the web.

Zoom settings under Windows

Zoom may ask you to authenticate on the web again. Sign in with the same account.

Step 5: In Zoom, select Personal Profile.

Edit profile on zoom

Step 6: Click on your current profile picture.

Step 7: Select Change and choose a profile picture from your computer. You can upload up to 2MB of pictures from your computer.

change profile picture

After a successful picture upload, you will see a new Zoom profile picture for your account. Click Save and you can create your next Zoom calls with a new profile picture.

2. Zoom app for Mac

Mac users can also change the Zoom profile picture. Although the steps to change Zoom profile picture on Mac are the same as on Windows, we’ll use a slightly different method to access Zoom account on the web.

Step 1: Open Zoom on the Mac.

Step 2: Click on the profile picture and select My Profile.

Zoom open my profile

The move will take you straight to the Zoom web.

Step 3: On the Zoom profile page, select a profile picture and upload one from your Mac.

change profile picture

Step 4: Select Save and you will be able to make Zoom calls with a new profile picture.

3. Zoom app for iPhone and iPad

The ability to change profile pictures in Zoom isn’t just limited to desktop apps. Users can also make the change through the mobile apps. Let’s start with the Zoom app for iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Access the Zoom app on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 2: Tap Settings and open the My Profile menu.

Open zoom settings

Open zoom settings on the i Phone

Step 3: Select Profile Photos and use the Camera or Select from Photo Album option.

Step 4: Select an image from the default Apple Photos app or album and upload it to Zoom server.

Add picture from photo album

Select image from gallery

Step 5: Crop your picture and tap Done at the top.

Within a few seconds, you will see a new Zoom profile picture that you can use for your next Zoom call.

4. Zoom app for Android

The Zoom Android app is not far behind either. You have the same options to change the profile picture in the Zoom Android app. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Open the settings menu in the Zoom Android app.

Go to the zoom settings

Open Zoom account

Step 2: Tap the profile picture. Either take a profile picture from the camera interface or open the Select Photo menu.

Select profile picture

Step 3: The move opens the standard file manager app on Android.

choose picture

The option allows users to upload profile pictures from OneDrive, Google Drive or Google Photos. Tap the hamburger menu and select a relevant source to upload an image in Zoom.

Zoom profile picture is not uploaded

Occasionally, your Zoom app will not upload a new image to your account. There can be several reasons behind this.

Acting zoom server. When Zoom servers are having a tough day, no matter how many times you try, you won’t be able to change Zoom profile picture on desktop or mobile device.

Open minded Down detector and look for zoom. If you experience strong outrage, you have no choice but to wait for Zoom to fix the problem on your part.

When uploading a profile picture, make sure the picture you choose is less than 2MB in size.

Change Zoom profile picture

As soon as you change the Zoom profile picture on a platform, you will see the live changes in all Zoom apps. Using the steps above, you can easily change your profile picture on Zoom. Make sure you are not using an unconventional image. Try to use a professional one to get a better impression.

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