How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without Its Original Charger

When you buy a laptop , it always comes with its original charger, which is the one that will allow us to recharge its battery. However, as an element of external use and wear and tear, the charger is quite prone to breakdowns and stop working at one time or another, so seeing a laptop whose battery cannot be recharged is quite common. . Next, we are going to tell you what you should do if you find yourself in this difficult situation.

All electronic devices that have a battery need a charger to recharge it, and although in recent times smartphones are suffering the trend that manufacturers supply them without an original charger in order to save costs, for now this is something inconceivable in the ecosystem of laptops. Of course, if your laptop charger breaks, you can see yourself in the position that the equipment is unusable , so let’s see what you should take into account and do to remedy it.

Purchase an original charger from the manufacturer of your laptop

The best way to make sure you fix the problem is of course to buy an original charger directly from your laptop manufacturer. All manufacturers provide in one way or another the possibility of purchasing an original charger, either from their website directly or by opening a support ticket.

The biggest problem with this is undoubtedly the price, since as a general rule buying an original charger is much more expensive than buying a universal or compatible one. Of course, when buying an original one directly from the manufacturer we make sure that the compatibility is total and that we have the corresponding warranty period; In any case, prices will depend on the power of the charger and the manufacturer, but can range from 40 to 150 euros.

Another drawback of doing this process is the waiting time; When you buy a charger in an online store, many times you will have it at home the next day or in 48 hours at most, but when you buy it directly from a manufacturer it usually takes much longer and, in fact, if it comes from abroad (which is what more common) you may even have problems with customs , having to pay additional fees.

Beware of universal chargers

The other option is obviously to buy a universal or compatible charger. Many manufacturers, usually Chinese, sell their chargers in reputable online stores such as Amazon for example, indicating the laptop models with which they are compatible. If you decide to go for one of these, we advise you to make sure that the exact model of your laptop is on the charger’s compatibility list, since as it is not original there may be variations in both the voltage (voltage) and the current strength (amperage) as in plug type.

As you can see in the example image above, there are laptop chargers that come with a wide range of plugs to make them compatible with a wide range of laptop models, but still you must be careful because even if the plug is valid for your equipment, it is possible that the power or the values of the charger are not what your laptop needs.

In addition to this, you should also be careful with universal chargers which, as in the example image above, come with several different pins: this adds an additional connection to the equation (that of the cable to the plug) and is a potential point fault, especially if this external power supply is not of good quality.

Voltage and current intensity, look at the original charger!

Therefore, the first thing you should do before buying a universal or compatible charger (or in short, a non-original charger for your laptop) is to look at the electrical values of it, so that you can buy a compatible charger that has exactly the same values.

All original chargers must carry a label that indicates these values; You must look specifically at the output values (Output) that are what your laptop needs at its input, regardless of the power that the charger has (since no matter how much the manufacturer says a value, this power will depend on these amperage values and voltage).

In the example image we have put above we see an original charger for a Lenovo laptop, which shows that the output is 20 volts at 3.25 amps. If you have a Lenovo laptop whose original charger has been damaged and you want to look for a universal or compatible replacement, you should make sure that its output values are exactly the same (20V and 3.25A in the example).

The type of plug your laptop uses

Finally, it is important that you pay attention to the type of plug that the original charger of your laptop has, since this is not something universal and each manufacturer uses the one that seems best, although it is true that in recent times and very especially When we talk about Ultrabooks, the USB-C connector is becoming the standard. In any case, you should check what type of plug the original charger has and when looking for a universal or compatible charger, make sure it has the same.

Once you have made sure that the plug is valid for your equipment and that the charger has the same voltage and current values as the original charger of your laptop, then you should go on to assess if the quality and price are they fit what you are looking for. And if not, or if you have doubts, you always have the option of using an original charger sold directly by the manufacturer, although as we have mentioned before this process will be longer and above all more expensive, since the price of a universal charger or compatible is usually around 15 and 40 euros at most.

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