How to choose the best Linux VPS hosting in 2021?

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VPS hosting or virtual private server is just one of many web hosting services that webmasters, web designers, programmers and web developers can use. Virtual dedicated server means that the user is granted a virtual server on the actual server, which runs in the memory of the host computer, and the memory of the host computer can run multiple virtual servers on it at the same time.

Many companies provide VPS hosting service. So, how do you choose the best from a very wide range of options? When choosing the best VPS hosting for you and your website, consider the following factors.

  • reputation. Some VPS/VPN hosting providers, no matter how long they have been operating in the industry, have already won a good reputation in terms of customer service, server performance and reliability. You may want to find such providers by doing some research on the Internet or by word of mouth. Look everywhere for companies that meet the needs of customers in different industries.
  • RAM capacity. One of the things you should consider is the amount of RAM provided by the VPS hosting service. To run the operating system, different applications and control panels smoothly, you need at least 512 MB. Hosting multiple websites on a VPS system will require approximately 1 GB of RAM. A good VPS service provider will offer a larger RAM plan, which means that if something unexpected happens (for example, high traffic on the website), you can access the “storage” memory (only for your use).
  • Network throughput. You should choose a VPS service provider that provides high network throughput, which will enable your customers or site visitors to receive and send information from the server in the fastest way. Apart from a slow loading website, there is no other way to shut down website visitors or online shoppers. The network throughput hosted on the VPS service provider’s site is very low, and you will definitely lose a lot of people (whether visitors or shoppers).
  • Control panel function. In addition to ensuring that your VPS service provider does provide a control panel, you must also choose an easy-to-use and intuitive control panel. Many excellent VPS service providers provide user-friendly and reliable DirectAdmin or cPanel.
  • Server uptime guarantee. No one can guarantee 100% server uptime, but when a server fails, a good VPS service provider can be responsible for the accident and take action as soon as possible. Make sure to contract with the service provider to ensure that the server uptime is more than 99%, to ensure that your website operates normally within the maximum possible time.
  • Reliability and safety. No one wants to destroy important data, but on the Internet, this event can easily happen and cause disasters. Please contact the VPS service provider to ensure that they can not only guarantee consistent reliability, but also provide strict security for your data, and whether to operate an e-commerce website for customers; the same is true for financial data.
  • Money back guarantee. Suppose you have already registered for VPS or any hosting service that is not completely satisfactory to you. Can you get a refund for a service you originally wanted but didn’t get? Excellent VPS service providers are full of confidence in their ability to provide excellent services and server performance. If you are not satisfied or disappointed with their services, we will be happy to provide you with a guarantee.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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