How to configure or disable Linux Mint update notifications

Tired of the annoying update notifications from Linux Mint? Or are you so busy keeping up with everything that you want to see them even more? Anyway, customizing the notifications or turning them off is easy as we’ll explain.

The update is of course essential to stay safe on Linux. The notifications introduced in Mint 20.2 are designed to ensure that you don’t forget about important security patches and kernel improvements. However, you may have your own update routine or you may prefer to use the command line instead of a GUI.

Fortunately, the Mint team thought of that and made it easy to customize your update notification experience.

How to configure update notifications

Start Update Manager either from your system tray (if visible) or from your application menu.

Open the Preferences window by clicking Edit> Preferences.

Click Edit followed by Preferences to open the Preferences window

At the bottom of the Settings window, you can adjust your configurations in the Notifications section.

Update notification configuration in Linux Mint 20.2

Here you can set the number of days (login and calendar) to wait before being notified of incoming updates. You can also set how long Update Manager should wait after the last update was applied before notifying you. For any of these fields, the shortest time you can set is two days.

If you want to receive notifications about all updates, deselect “Only show notifications for security and kernel updates”.

How to turn off update notifications

The easiest way to completely avoid receiving update notifications is to block Update Manager from running on startup. This does not mean that you will not receive updates or that you will not be able to use Update Manager. It just means you won’t see any notifications and Update Manager won’t appear in your system tray until you start it manually.

Start “Session & Start” in your application menu. It can also be referred to as “startup applications”.

Start Session and Startup from your application menu

In the Session and Startup windows, click the Application Autostart tab and scroll until you see Update Manager (Linux Mint Update Manager) in the list of applications. Turn it off.

Update Manager is no longer started when it is started and thus prevents all automatic update checks and notifications. You can easily re-enable it by re-ticking the Update Manager’s check box in Session & Startup.

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