How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a New Phone

Connecting a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to a new phone can be a little annoying. Unfortunately, just tapping the Connect button isn’t that easy. We’ll show you how to make the process as painless as possible.

The process begins on your Samsung Galaxy Watch itself. First press the “Power button” to open the app gallery, and then tap on the “Settings” app in the list (represented by a gear symbol).

In the “Settings” menu, scroll all the way down and tap “Connect to a new phone”.

connect to a new phone

The next screen will ask you to back up your data. We strongly recommend doing this to make the transition as smooth as possible. Tap on “Back up data”.

tap on Back up data

This will launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your old phone and open the backup settings. Select “Back up data”.

Select Back up data

When the Prepare process is complete, you will be presented with a list of things to save. Select all of the categories you want to save, then tap Save.

Select the things you want to back up

When you’re done, tap Done. Now go back to your watch and navigate again to the “Connect to a new phone” screen. This time, tap Next. Everything on the device will be deleted.

tap next

After the watch finishes resetting, it will restart. We can now switch to your new smartphone. Open that Galaxy wearable app and select your device from the list.

find your smartwatch

It will search for your smartwatch nearby. Select your watch from the list that appears.

Choose your watch

Next, tap the screen to connect to your watch and tap Pair in the wearable app.

On your phone, tap Pair

The “Finishing Pairing” animation appears in the wearable app. It will say “Watch Paired” when it’s done. Tap Agree to continue.

The next step is to link the appropriate plugin for your particular watch. Tap OK on the pop-up message to continue.

Tap OK to link

Choose one of the options shown on this screen, or tap Skip. When you have made a selection, tap Next.

Tap on Next

You will be asked to sign in to your Samsung account. You need to do this to access the backup that you created earlier. Tap on “Sign In”.

log in

Follow the steps to enter your username and password.

enter your account details

The app asks if you want to restore from a backup. Select “Search for a backup” and then tap “Next”.

look for a backup

Select all of the things you want to restore and tap the Restore button.

Tap Restore to complete the process

That’s it! Your watch will now be restored to the condition of your old phone. There may be a few minor things to fix, but most things will be as you left them.

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