How to Convert a Web Page into an Android App

Play Store The Android app store is full of apps that are known for their invasive permissions. Many of them keep running in the background even when they’re not being used, draining the device’s battery. Some of the most important and popular services of the moment, such as Facebook or Amazon may be the culprits but you can always work with their web version to save yourself headaches.

The solution is to convert websites into applications , using Chrome, the quintessential browser on our Android phone. Either because you prefer to use the site to an application or because a web page that you usually enter does not have its version in app, there is a fairly simple way to create a shortcut on the main page of the phone and access said web as ose you did it from an app.

Differences between app and shortcut

The applications offer the same content that you can find on a web page, but with other organizations. It also tends to occupy more memory and require more resources, so it has to be installed on a device and depend on the Play Store. A web application does not require prior installation, but it is a direct access through the browser.

As a user it is more useful to use an app, especially if you work with it frequently, but if you want to have a website at hand for which there is no application , there is no doubt that creating a shortcut is an advantage.

Create a web app on your home screen

Of course, first of all it should be noted that a shortcut or a web app is not always going to be functional enough to be used as a replacement for an application. For example, the Instagram website doesn’t allow you to upload images but if you don’t post photos and only browse Instagram feeds, it’s a good idea to make a website app.

All you need to do is open Chrome and enter the URL of the site you want to convert into an app in the search bar. In the example we are going to work with the web of our site. Once you have the page open in the browser, you must click on the upper icon on the right side identified with 3 dots and mark the option “Add to home page”.

This will open a new window where we can name the app and choose between placing the app where we want, keeping the finger pressed on the icon and dragging it wherever we want, or letting the mobile automatically assign a space to it.

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