How to Convert PNG to PDF on Windows 11 or 10

Do you have a PNG image file that you need to convert to PDF? In this case, use Windows 10 or 11’s built-in PDF printer to create a PDF from your PNG images. We’ll show you how to do it on a PC.

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This is how converting PNG to PDF works on Windows 11 and 10

Both Windows 10 and 11 have a virtual PDF printer. When you print something from an app with this printer, the printer converts that file to a PDF file. You can then save the resulting PDF file anywhere on your computer.

You use this virtual printer to convert your PNG image to a PDF file. After saving, you can email it to the Cloud upload or print out a physical copy.

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Convert a PNG image to a PDF document on Windows 11 and 10

The steps to convert PNG to PDF on Windows 10 and 11 are pretty much the same.

First, open the folder your PNG image is in in a File Explorer window. If you are using Windows 10, right-click the picture and choose Print. If you’re using Windows 11, right-click the picture and select Show more options> Print.

A “Print Pictures” window opens. In this window, select the virtual PDF printer by clicking the “Printer” drop-down menu and selecting “Microsoft Print to PDF”. Set the paper size by clicking the Paper Size drop-down menu and selecting an option.

To change the quality of the output PDF file, click the Quality drop-down menu and choose an option.

In the

In the right sidebar of the Print Images window, you have options to change how your PNG image appears in the PDF file. Click an option on that sidebar to see the preview on the left.

Change how the PNG photo appears in the PDF.

At the bottom of the Print Images window, use the Copies of Each option to indicate how many pages you want in your PDF. To adapt your photo to the PDF, activate the option “Fit image to frame”.

When you’re done, click Print at the bottom of the window to begin creating your PDF file.

Select PDF Copies, and then click Print in the Print Images window.

Windows opens a “Save printout as” window. Here, select the folder in which your PDF file should be saved. Click the File Name field and enter a name for your PDF file. Then click on “Save”.

Save the resulting PDF file.

To access your newly created PDF, open the folder in which you saved it and you will see the PDF version of your PNG image with the “.pdf” extension.

A PDF file created from a PNG image.

That’s all you need to convert PNG to PDF with the built-in option on Windows 10 and 11. Have fun!

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