How to Create a Mail Redirection in the Hosting

Email is very important for both private users and for companies and organizations. It is a widely used means of communication that is used to maintain contact with clients, colleagues, suppliers, friends … In this article we are going to explain how to create a redirect of mail in a hosting . A way to better manage the e-mails received on our website.

How to create a mail redirect on a website

Normally, any web page has at least one email address. It is the way that visitors can use to contact, ask questions, provide information … It is very useful and also adds value to our site. We can use many types of e-mails , either with our own domain or any generic one such as Gmail or Outlook.

Whatever the address we are using, in many cases it can be interesting to redirect the email to another account. For example, if we have an e-mail enabled for readers to contribute their proposals and changes to improve the page, we can redirect it to another account where we also receive emails about errors that may exist.

In short, we can use it as an option to have a better management and properly control the emails we receive. Thus we will always have an order, we will avoid having many accounts open and that an e-mail can escape without answering or without reading. Fortunately, the process that we are going to explain is very simple.

Mail forwarding in cPanel

cPanel is a very popular control panel that many users use for their website. So we are going to explain how we can easily create a mail forwarding. This way we can read the e-mails received in one account, but which actually come from two or more. A way to coordinate everything better.

What we have to do first is access the panel on our hosting. To do this, we log in with the corresponding data and enter cPanel. When we are inside we have to go to the Email section, where we will see different options.

Keep in mind that the image shown above may vary depending on our hosting, but the steps are similar. When we are there we will have to give Forwarders , although it could also appear as Alias and forwarding.

There we will see that two options appear: Add forwarder and Add domain forwarder . If we click on the first one, a new window will appear like the one we see in the image below. We will have to configure the forwarding address and the destination.

We can also choose to Add a domain forwarder. In this case we would not be forwarding just one email account, but all emails from one domain to another. This is interesting if we have several different domains and we want to forward them to another address that corresponds to another domain.

Why forward an email

There may be several reasons why it is interesting to forward the e-mails received in the hosting . Practical reasons, image, security … The options we have are different and it is something that we must keep in mind at all times.

Unify inboxes

One of the main reasons for forwarding emails from one account to another is to be able to unify inboxes. We may have multiple addresses, as we have indicated. It may be that managing all of them is a problem and we do not want to be constantly entering each of them.

In this way we can simplify all the work and achieve that the inboxes are unified. So all the emails we receive will be in a single one and we can easily manage it without wasting much time.

Give a better image

It can also be a question of image . We may have multiple email addresses but we only want to display one on the home page, for example. We avoid having to delete all the others, but we don’t have to show them on the first page either.

Thus, when forwarding emails, we will ensure that all addresses send emails to a single one where we can manage everything. We have seen that it is a simple process and it is also convenient to keep an order at all times.

Don’t lose an old account

Moreover, it can also prevent us from losing an old account . Let’s take as an example that our website has always had an email from Gmail. However when the time comes we want to create an email of the type [email protected] to give a better image.

Many readers, ultimately many contacts, may have saved our old address. What do we do in this case? To avoid having to check emails in both the old and new accounts, we can simply redirect the emails from the new account to the old one and see everything there. In this way, we also do not prevent contact with this last account from being lost.

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