How to create and edit videos in Canva

Video editing is demanding and is often limited to hardware and software. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Today you get a handful of feature-rich and lightweight video editors available online. Among them, Canva is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite choice as it has enough tools to edit your videos.

Obtaining dedicated video editing hardware and software is expensive and requires a steep learning curve. However, if you’re an aspiring YouTuber or a hobbyist, you can use Canva’s feature-rich video editor to create professional-looking videos. We’ll explore Canva’s video editor to create and edit videos. So let’s get started.

Crop, trim, and combine videos in Canva

First, let’s see how you can upload your video to start editing in Canva.

Step 1: Open your web browser and navigate to Canva’s video editor. Now click the Create Video button.

Step 2: In the video editor, go to the Uploads tab and click the Upload Media button to upload your video from PC.

Upload video to Canva

Alternatively, you can upload your video directly from other platforms via the three-point menu, such as Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, or Dropbox.

Step 3: Once you’ve uploaded your video, you can edit it in Canva’s video editor.

Uploaded video in Canva

Split clips

You will find that your entire video appears as a single clip on the timeline. You can divide your video into different parts and edit each one individually.

To split your video, move the cursor to the part you want to split the video from. Now right click anywhere on the timeline and choose Split.

Share videos in Canva

In addition, splitting your video into parts also allows you to rearrange the order of the clips. You can view all of your clips in grid view and rearrange their order from there.

Grid view in Canva

To add more clips and images to your video, click the + Add Page button.

Change the order of the clips

Trim videos

Aside from splitting, you can also easily trim your clips in Canva. Here is how.

To trim your video in Canva, select the video and click the trim icon in the top left corner.

How to trim video in Canva

Next, use the two sliders at the top to select part of the video. Finally, click Done to save your trimmed video.

Trim video in Canva

Crop videos

You can also crop your video in Canva to your preferred aspect ratio. To trim your video, select the video in the preview and click the Crop button in the top left.

Trim video in Canva

Now crop the frame of the video just like you would crop an image. When you’re done, click Done.

Change aspect ratio

Note that the same aspect ratio is applied to the entire clip.

How to add elements and text to a video

Aside from the basic edits, you can also add elements and text to liven up your videos in Canva. Here is how.

Use elements

Step 1: Switch to the Elements tab on the left. Here you can explore Canva’s extensive library of various stickers, graphics, photos, charts, and more. You can search for a specific item by browsing different categories or using the search option.

How to add elements to a video in Canva

Step 2: You can insert any item from the library by clicking on it. Once added, you can move, resize, crop, or animate it as you wish.

Scale elements

The element you add to your clip will appear throughout the video. To remove the item from the video, select it and click Delete.

Add text to the video

Canva also lets you add text over your video to make it more visual. Here is how.

Step 1: Switch to the Text tab on the left. First, select the type of text you want to add.

Step 2: Next, you need to choose a text style for your video.

Add text to the video

Step 3: Once added, you can edit the text in the text box. In addition, you can use the toolbar at the top to change the font style, size, color, position, spacing, etc.

Edit text in Canva

How to add effects and transitions to a video

Now that you’ve done the basic editing, you can add even more flair to your video by adding effects in Canva and stitching your clips together with smooth transitions. Here is how.

Apply effects

Step 1: Select the clip from the timeline that you want to edit and click on Animate on the toolbar at the top.

Add animation to your video

Step 2: Here you can find different types of page and photo animation. You can preview any of them by clicking on them.

Animations on canvas

You can also add such effects to a specific element or text. To do this, select the element and click the Animate option on the toolbar at the top.

On the left side you will now find some animations that you can apply.

Animate elements

Connect clips with transitions

After you’ve edited all of the clips in your timeline using the tools above, here’s how to merge clips with various transition effects in Canva.

Step 1: Go to your video editing timeline, click the + (plus icon) between the two clips and choose Add Transition.

Transitions to clips

Step 2: Here you can preview any of them by hovering over them with your mouse. Choose the one you want to apply. In addition, you can also customize the duration and direction.

Add transitions to clips

To add the same transitions to all of your clips, click the Apply To All Pages button.

How to add background music to a video in Canva

In addition to elements and effects, Canva also lets you add background music of your choice to your video. Read on to learn how.

Step 1: Switch to the Audio tab on the left. Here you can find a variety of copyrighted audios to use in your video. You can also search for audio using the search box or the tags above.

Add background music to the video

Step 2: To add a track to your video, simply drag and drop the audio onto your video timeline.

Add audio to video

Step 3: Once added, right-click the audio to trim, adjust volume, or delete it from there.

Edit audio in Canva

Custom audio tracks

While Canva offers copyright-free tracks, you can always choose a custom audio track to use. Here is how.

To insert custom audio, go to the Uploads tab on the left. Now click the Upload Media button to add your custom audio track. Alternatively, you can record your audio in Canva by clicking the Record Yourself button.

Add custom audio

After uploading, you will find your track in the audio tab at the bottom.

How to use templates to create videos

If editing your video from scratch seems a hassle, use the templates in Canva to automatically redesign your video with filters, music, and text styles. Here is how.

Step 1: Switch to the Templates tab on the left. Here you will find his extensive library of ready-made templates. Click the one you want to use.

Canva template

Step 2: Once added, you can select and edit various elements of the template, including the background, text, size, animation, effects, and more.

Edit template in Canva

How to download and share videos

After editing the video, you can preview it by clicking the play button on the timeline. When you’re happy with your creation, here’s how to download it.

Click the download button in the top right corner, choose the file type as MP4 video and choose the pages you want to include. Finally, click the Download button to download your video.

Download video

Wait for Canva to compile and download the video for you.

Editing made easy

Canva is certainly showing great promise with its easy-to-use video editor. Plus, Canva’s ready-to-use templates and assets make creating and editing videos a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start editing your videos already.

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