How to Create and Share an Apple Maps Manual

Are you collecting details about attractions, places to eat, or check out recommendations from people to visit? The Apple Maps Guide lets you create your curated travel guide, share the guide, and view guides that others have created.

You can share travel guides with friends and family, collaborate with others on vacation planning, or even make a list of places you love to visit. While there are plenty of apps to help you plan your trips, the convenience of the built-in Apple Maps on the iPhone can’t be beat.

The Apple Maps Guides feature is very useful when you want to see where destinations are connected to each other. You can find the most convenient route while building a list of points of interest lacks that extra layer of visibility.

Create an Apple Maps manual

You can create any travel guide you want – a “Top 10 Places to Go While Traveling”, “My Favorite Vintage Shops”, or even “Restaurants I Want to Go”. There are so many options and you can create it all with your fingertips!

Step 1: Open your Maps app and swipe up on the bottom toolbar until you see the New Guide button. Click on it.

Create a new Apple Maps guide

Step 2: Name your new list, then click Create. Now that our guide is created, we can start adding our goals.

Create a new Apple Maps manual

Step 3: Once you click Create, you will be taken back to the Apple Maps home page. Scroll down to the guides and click on your new guide. The guide we are creating is for Portland, Oregon.

Our new Apple Maps Guide

Step 4: Click the Add Place button. You can search for destinations to visit by name or address. Click the “+” symbol (circled in the picture) next to your destination to add it to your travel guide.

Apple Maps Guide Add a place

Add destinations to the guide

Step 5: Keep adding destinations until you have found all the places you want to visit. You can always come back to your guide and add more. When you’re done, you can click on your guidebook to select all of your destinations.

Portland Apple Maps Guide Icons

Each target has a different symbol depending on the type of target. To the example, Flowers are used for gardens, and cafes have coffee cups.

This is very helpful if you want to see what places are nearby while creating your itinerary.

Edit your guide

Your guide is fully customizable; You can change the icon and name, and delete destinations that no longer meet your needs.

Step 1: Open your guide and swipe up on your guide’s name until it covers the screen.

Swipe up the Apple Maps menu navigation

Apple Maps Guide menu

step 2 : Click the Edit button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Edit Apple Maps Guide

  • Edit symbol : Click the camera button on your guide’s icon. This will allow you to change the photo in your travel guide to another photo in your library.
  • Edit title: Click on the text Edit Title found under your guide’s name. You can edit the name of the title.
  • Delete destinations: There is an empty circle to the left of each target. Click on the destinations you want to delete to select them. After you’ve selected all of the locations, click Clear All to remove them from your list.

Share your guide

After so much time putting together and creating your guide, it’s good to share with your travel companions, family, or even the public.

Step 1: Open your Apple Maps and find the guide you created that you want to share.

Step 2: Once you have your guide open, slide the tab up (we did this to see all of our added locations). Click the middle icon at the bottom of the screen.

Share the Apple Maps guide

Step 3: Choose how you’d like to share your guide. You can drop the guide via AirDrop, use a messaging app, send it via iMessage and email.

Share Apple Guide options

Find inspiration

If you are in a pinch and don’t have time to create your custom guide or if you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out guides others have created in this area.

Step 1: Use the search tool to find the city you want to explore.

Step 2: Swipe up on the menu and scroll down until you see the Explore Guides button and click on it.

Apple Maps Explore guides

You can search all the guides that have been created in the area. Click on the guide that piqued your interest.

Apple Maps List of guides created

Step 3: See the open guide book. When you see a destination that you want to add to your guide, click the plus (+) sign on the right and add it to your guide.

Add destination from other travel guides to yours

A guide for all of you

Creating your own Apple Maps Guide is a great way to visually collate all of your favorite destinations and places you want to visit on one map. You can share these guides with anyone you want and use other guides for inspiration. Apple Maps has a lot of helpful features, and using the guides can make planning your next adventure a lot easier.

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