How to Create LibreOffice Writer Templates

Templates allow you to configure all the relevant settings that should be pre-applied to documents – font settings, margins and tabs, boilerplate text, etc. You simply open the template and save it with a new name to start a new document.

If you are a user of the popular, free, and open source LibreOffice program suite , chances are you’re doing this because you don’t want to use Microsoft Office. But most of the skills you might have learned in Office Translated in LibreOffice, including the basics of saving template files in the Word Processor Writer. Templates can save you a lot of time if you are creating a series of documents that share similar characteristics, or if you just want to configure all of your new documents the way you want them.

First, open LibreOffice Writer as usual and create a new document. While you are free to rearrange this document however you want, there are a few basic things you should review.

First, scroll through the Format menu. Set up fonts, character and paragraph formatting, bullets and numbering, and so on.

Pay particular attention to the Page option in the Format menu – the tabs in this menu control almost anything that is not special text.

On the Styles menu, check Styles and Formatting. Here you can apply any of the preconfigured styles shown in the right pane or create new ones by right-clicking and then selecting New. Click the a, Rectangle, Page, and List icons at the top of the window to toggle between character, frame, page, and list styles. Applying styles helps you – and anyone with whom you share the document – keep formatting consistent.

After you’ve configured your settings, go ahead and add any boilerplate content you want to the document. This could be a form letter, spreadsheet, letterheads or addresses, or anything else that you want to appear in all documents created from the template.

When you are done, open the “File” menu and choose the “Save As” command. In the window that appears, click the Save As Type drop-down menu, then select the ODF Text Document Template (.ott) (* .ott) option. This option is special if you want to keep LibreOffice as the main editor – if you are going to use the template with other processors such as Word, select “Microsoft” Word 97-2003 template (.dot) (*. Dot). “

That’s it. If you want to create a new, frequently used document that requires minor changes, just open the template file. It is a good habit to immediately save the blank template as a new standard document (.odt, .doc, or .docx) so that you don’t carelessly press Ctrl + S. save via the template file.

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