How to create live polls during a Microsoft Teams meeting

Live polls are a great way to measure reactions, preferences, and responses during a meeting without everyone having to stop to speak. How to use and create polls in Microsoft Teams meetings.

Adding a poll to a meeting is part of managing the meeting so only organizers or presenters can add and manage polls. However, outside guests and other participants can all respond to Microsoft Teams surveys.

How to create a quick poll in Microsoft Teams

To begin, click the meeting on your Microsoft Teams calendar and choose “Edit” from the pop-up message.

In the meeting details, click the Chat tab.

The Chat tab in the meeting details.

Select the “+” sign on the right side of the screen.


In the “Add Tab” window that opens, click the “Forms” option.


In the window that opens, click on “Add”.


Then select the “Save” button.


You’ll need to add the Forms app to every meeting you want to poll, but once you’ve done that you can add as many polls as you want to that meeting.

To add a poll during a Microsoft Teams meeting, first make sure you’re on the Polls tab, then click Create New Poll.


This opens the “Forms” window.


Fill in the question and possible answers and choose whether others can contribute to the survey. Then click on “Save”.


Now that you’ve created a form, a new “Polls” icon will appear in Teams meetings for attendees. When they click on it, they will see your survey draft.

Nobody can vote yet, but if you checked “Allow others to co-author” when creating the poll, other organizers and presenters can edit the poll now.

Back in the “Polls” tab, the poll is available to everyone during the meeting. If you’d like to change it, click the down arrow next to “Start” and choose “Edit Poll”.

The option

To create additional surveys, click the “Create New” option.


To open the poll for voting, click on “Start”.


Once you do, the question and options will appear as a notification for all attendees in the center of the meeting window.

The poll as it appears in a meeting window.

Participants can select an option and click Submit to vote. However, there is no way to force them to vote.

The poll is also displayed in the Polls sidebar.

During the meeting, both the survey and the results are visible in the chat.

When you created the survey, one of the options that was enabled by default was “Automatically share results after voting”. If you have switched this off, the results will not be visible in the chat.

After the poll starts, you can click View Results on the Polls tab to see who voted for which option.

The option

To return to the survey itself, click on “Show Options”.

The option

Once everyone has voted or a time limit has been reached, you can close the poll to stop any further voting. Click the arrow next to “View Results,” then click “Close Poll”.

The option

To export the results of a survey, click the arrow next to “View Results” and then click “Export Results”.


A message will appear at the bottom of Teams asking you to “Go to Files> Downloads to view poll results.” This is not the Files tab in the meeting, but the Files app in the sidebar.

The Files option in the Teams sidebar.

Click the Downloads menu option and the poll results will be displayed in a table.

The Downloads option in the Files app.

You can also find this file in your default Downloads folder on your computer.

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