How to create your own WhatsApp-Sticker

After emojis and gifs, stickers are another way to express yourself in a conversation. Almost every instant messaging (IM) app has additional sticker support. WhatsApp is no exception. the Facebook- own company even added an option to create custom stickers. So you can create your own stickers on top WhatsApp.

Immediately the possibility of custom WhatsApp Sticker is limited to WhatsApp desktop apps only. You can’t create one with WhatsApp App. However, there is an option to import your created stickers from WhatsApp Desktop too WhatsApp Cell phone, mobile phone. Stay to the end to learn each trick.

WhatsApp Custom sticker packs are useful when you want to create interactive stickers from memories. Besides, it’s very easy. Let’s set up WhatsApp first create the desktop and then stickers.

Put up WhatsApp Desktop

Before you jump straight to it WhatsApp Desktop or Web, let’s first show you how to set it up on your computer or Mac (after all, it’s not that easy to add a cell phone number and log in to a WhatsApp Account).

Step 1: Download the. down WhatsApp App from the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store.

Step 2: Open minded WhatsApp on your PC or Mac, and you’ll see a QR code to scan.

Step 3: Open minded WhatsApp on your mobile phone and go to Settings.

Step 4: Select Linked Devices and tap on the Link Device option.

Step 5: Authenticate and a built-in camera will open to scan the QR that is displayed on WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Network.

Open linked devices

Device with WhatsApp-Link desktop

Step 6: Scan the QR code and in minutes you will see all of yours WhatsApp Messages displayed in the desktop app.

Now you are ready to create your own WhatsApp Stickers with the desktop app.

Create custom WhatsApp Sticker on WhatsApp

First of all, make sure you have relevant images saved on your PC or Mac so that you can make a sticker out of them. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Open that WhatsApp App on the desktop.

Step 2: Go to any chat you want to use the sticker on.

Step 3: In the chat, click the emoji icon.

Select the emoji menu

Step 4: Select the sticker icon next to the GIF.

WhatsApp-Select sticker

Step 5: The “Recent Stickers” menu opens.

Step 6: Hit the Create button and you’ll be prompted to choose an image to use as a sticker WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-Create stickers

Step 7: Select an image and the sticker editor will open in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp-Sticker editor

Here are the options to edit an image before converting it to a sticker WhatsApp.

Outline: This is one of the most important tools for creating custom WhatsApp Sticker. Select the outline and create a path on the picture to remove unnecessary elements. You can draw a path on an image and turn an image into a sticker.

Outline tool WhatsAppStickers

Emoji: Are you planning to add a picture to a sticker? Click the emoji icon and choose an emoji that is relevant to you.

Sticker: You can add an existing sticker to a custom sticker from the sticker menu.

Text: The name says it all. Click the T Icon and add text to your custom sticker.

You can also use the paint tool to add some colors to a sticker. We used the outline tool in the screenshot above and added a sticker-like effect to a simple image.

After making the necessary changes to the picture, click Submit, and WhatsApp will share it as a sticker in the app. You can create as many custom stickers as you want by using the Create tool on the WhatsApp Desktop application.

Import WhatsApp Custom stickers for the phone

In an annoying restriction, WhatsApp does not sync stickers created from the desktop to the phone. You cannot access stickers created from the desktop to the phone with a single tap. However, a workaround allows you to use any custom stickers in WhatsApp Conversations on the phone.

Step 1: Open minded WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2: Open a conversation where you previously used a custom sticker.

Step 3: Tap a sticker and select the Add to Favorites option.

Tap the sticker

Add stickers to favorites

The sticker will be added to your sticker gallery. You can use the sticker for everyone WhatsApp chat now. Repeat the same step for all custom stickers and add them to favorites for easy access.

Create custom WhatsApp Sticker packs

While WhatsApp nailed the sticker creation part to the desktop, we can’t wait to see the same functionality on WhatsApp mobile apps. What stickers do you plan to create on? WhatsApp? Share your creativity in the comments below.

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