How to customize Control Center on Mac

The control center in macOS Big Sur and higher provides a central location for system switchovers and utilities from Wi-Fi to keyboard brightness. You can also customize Control Center on Mac and add more functionality.

Just like the control center on the iPhone and iPad, there are parts of the modular control center that cannot be changed. The network, display and sound modules are retained. However, it is possible to add more modules at the bottom of the control center.

The best thing about the Control Center is that it frees up space in the menu bar. You do not need separate symbols for the “WLAN”, “Bluetooth” and “Sound” outputs, which take up space in the menu bar.

This is how the new control center works in macOS Big Sur

One of the most useful modules to add to the Control Center is the Battery module. It shows your Mac’s battery status along with its percentage. This is a great way to remove the battery icon from the menu bar.

The adjustment of the Control Center can be done in the “System Settings”. Click the Apple icon in the menu bar and choose System Preferences.

Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu in Big Sur

Here click on the “Dock & Menu Bar” button.

In System Preferences, click Dock & Menu Bar

Go to the Control Center section in the sidebar. You will now see each module listed here with its own options. Above you will find modules like “Wi-Fi”, “Display” etc.

In these modules you will only find one option – “Show in menu bar”.

Add the WLAN module to the menu bar

With this option, the respective module is attached directly to the menu bar. You can click the icon to expand module options in a drop-down menu.

Now plays the module from the control center in the menu bar

To add more functionality to the Control Center, scroll down until you see the “Other Modules” section. Here you can see the Accessibility Shortcuts, Battery, and Fast User Switching modules.

Select a module like “Battery”, then check the “Show in Control Center” option to add the module to the bottom of the Control Center. While you’re at it, you can also check the Show Percentage option to display the battery percentage along with the icon.

Add the battery module to the control center

If you just want to add them to the menu bar, select the Show In Menu Bar option. Once you’ve activated one (or all three modules), you’ll find them at the bottom of the Control Center.

New modules added at the bottom of the control center in Big Sur

Click on a module to expand it and reveal all of its features. The “Fast User Switching” module shows all user accounts, and when you select a user, they are switched to immediately.

Fast user switching module in the control center

Similar to its iPhone and iPad counterparts, the “Accessibility Shortcuts” module shows useful input aids such as “Invert colors”, “Reduce transparency” and more.

Accessibility shortcuts in Control Center on Big Sur

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